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Interview : RGV – Vijayawada people will just love Vangaveeti

Whenever you interview Ram Gopal Varma, you never expect what he is going to talk and in which manner. We spoke to the maverick film-maker on the occasion of his film, Vangaveeti’s release. Let’s see what he has to say.

What took you so long in making a biopic on Vangaveeti?

The incidents that happened in Vijayawada are a part of my life as I came to know so many things from them. It was quite difficult for me to see it as a film as I was also indirectly involved in them during my stay in Vijayawada when those incidents happened.

So, you strongly feel that Vijayawada has a strong rowdy culture?

Yes ! it had a strong vibe during those days. Though I never met any of them during my younger days, there is a rowdy subculture in Vijayawada which I have seen from close quarters.

The film looks quite high on violence?

Yes ! the film has hardcore scenes which I have shot them in so much detail. For example, there is a murder scene which I have shot for close to 15 minutes.

How are you going to justify both gangs in the film?

I did not take any sides and have shown what exactly happened in those days. Both the parties are quite aware as to what I am going to showcase and for this, I have used all real names and locations.

Vijayawada politics had a lot of caste feeling problems. How did you tackle it in the film?

Except for the song which was banned, I never used the word caste in the film.

Why didn’t you choose known actors for the film?

It was quite intentional. Already, the characters which I was making were quite popular and I had to kill them in my film. If I had a star, it would have made things tough because of their image.

How did you finalize Sandy as the main lead?

I met Sandy at a private party in Puri Jagan’s house. He was silently standing in the corner and after observing him for some time, I felt that he was a good choice. Right away, I asked him to send him pictures dressed as Vangaveeti. After seeing the images, I was stunned and finalized him right away.

A word about producer Dasari Kiran Kumar?

He is a fantastic producer and gave whatever I wanted right away. I remember asking him close to 100 ambassador cars for the film. Withing just three days of time, close to 80 cars were assembled outside my location which I felt was huge as ambassadors have gone out of use mostly.

Rather than making a film on Jayalalitha, why did you opt for Sasikala’s biopic?

For me, Sasikala is a more interesting character than Jayalalitha. I feel that it will be very interesting to showcase a story about a lady who became so powerful without having any major post.

How is Sarkaar 3 shaping up?

We are done with the film and are ready to release it on march 17th 2017.

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