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Updated at 11:10 AM

The end. Review will follow soon folks. Watch Out

Updated at 11:05 AM

The movie is heading towards a climax. Its a showdown between the two heads of the rival gangs

Updated at 10:55 AM

'Ninnu choosina Kshanam' song is on now. Amala Paul looks sensuous in lovely sarees. Very slow song shot in beautiful locales. Brahmi is back as Sketch Gopi.

Updated at 10:45 AM

Director Vivek Krishna has outdone Ram Gopal Varma in coming up with new and innovative ways of showing how people can be killed

Updated at 10:35 AM

Naga Chaitanya looks dashing in White Khaddar. Its a game of cat and mouse as both the parties try to eliminate the others first. Intense dialogues in the second half. Background music and some scenes from the original classic Shiva are used as an inspiration

Updated at 10:15 AM

Naga Chaitanya is now on revenge path. He looks cool as the angry young student. Its time for the item song of the movie. Anjana Sukhani sizzles as the item girl

Updated at 9:55 AM

Interval - the first half is spent in establishing the story and setting up the stage for Naga Chaitanya to show his heroism in the second part. Let us see how the movie progresses

Updated at 9:55 AM

Movie is now taking a very interesting turn. One more high profile murder. Shiva (Chaitanya) is thrust into the murky world of rowdyism and clashes

Updated at 9:46 AM

Brahmi's amazing parody of Rakta Charitra scooter scene. Crowds howling with laughter

Updated at 9:42 AM

Stunning tragedy. Movie takes an intense turn now with Bomb blasts and murders

Updated at 9:38 AM

One more song. Majaare Majaare song. Its a wedding song. Amala Paul is gorgeous

Updated at 9:30 AM

MS Narayana and Brahmanandam make their introductions as Gopi and Veera Venkata Durga Prasad. Kota Srinivas Rao is cool as Ramana, a political leader. Abhimanyu Singh is intense as Kali's brother

Updated at 9:25 AM

2nd song of the movie. Adagaku Nannemi. Shot romantically in beautiful locales. Nice and slow melody

Updated at 9:20 AM

Mahesh Babu on screen!!Once again, theater explodes with claps

Updated at 9:15 AM

Amala Paul is Geetanjali, the girlfriend of Shiva. Ahuti Prasad is her father and a top level Police

Updated at 9:08 AM

NTR and ANR shown on screen well. Theater explodes with whistles

Updated at 9:05 AM

Naga Chaiyanya's introduction scene now. Looks dashing in Red. Durgamma Krishnamma song. Shot well on the banks of the Krishna River

Updated at 9:00 AM

Its time for the first murder of the movie. Intensely shot with a terrific chase sequence

Updated at 8:50 AM

The movie has begun. Prabhu and others are being introduced

Updated at 8:45 AM

Hello folks we are bringing you live updates from Chaitanya's Bejawada.

బెజవాడ లైవ్ అప్డేట్స్ తెలుగు లో

Mahesh K.S
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