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Updated at 09:53 PM

And with that, the function has ended. We hope you have enjoyed our live reporting from the venue

Updated at 09:50 PM

Venkatesh is speaking on stage. He is thanking all his fans for encouraging him all these years. "I am celebrating an audio launch function after a long time. Bodyguard will definitely be a great hit for this Sankranthi. The movie is a complete family entertainer. All the technicians have worked very hard for the movie's success. I wish to thank Bellamkonda Suresh for bringing a good picture."

Updated at 09:38 PM

The guests are speaking one by one. Everyone is wishing the team the very best and they are hoping for the movie's success

Updated at 09:28 PM

V.V.Vinayak has launched the first CD and handed it over to Prabhas. The CD's are being distributed to all the guests. Fans are clapping and cheering on from their galleries

Updated at 09:18 PM

The guests are being invited onto the stage for the formal audio launch.

Updated at 09:10 PM

The videos ofthe songs are being shown on screen. Venkatesh and Trisha are looking good

Updated at 09:04 PM

5 songs have been performed so far. It is now time for the first trailers to be shown.

Updated at 08:54 PM

Songs are nice and melodious. Thaman's wife has rendered a number in this movie. Geetha Madhuri is currently on stage for a number

Updated at 08:43 PM

The second song of Bodyguard is being performed live on stage. Its a slow melody. Rahul Nambiar is doing a good job

Updated at 08:35 PM

The first song of 'Bodyguard' is now being performed by Baba Sehgal. Fans are thoroughly enjoying themselves

Updated at 08:30 PM

Thaman is getting ready for a live performance on stage along with Baba Sehgal, Geetha maadhuri, Rahul Nambiar and others.

Updated at 08:25 PM

Special Audio Visual Reel showing 25 years of Venky's career has been shown. Thagubothu Ramesh has made his way onto the stage for a performance

Updated at 08:15 PM

Aksha is performing on stage for various songs from Venky's hit movies. The dances are good and Aksha is looking great. Fans are thoroughly entertained

Updated at 08:05 PM

Hero Prabhas has made his way in. Wild and cheerful response from the crowd. Magic show is entertaining the audience.

Updated at 07:55 PM

Rana Daggubati and V.V.inayak have made their way in.

Updated at 07:48 PM

Venkatesh has made his way into the auditorium. He is looking super smart. Fans have greeted him with lots of whistles and cheers. Dr. D. Ramanaidu, Trisha and other guests are making their way in

Updated at 07:40 PM

Dil Raju, Karthi, K.L.Narayana and Anantha Sri Ram made their way into the auditorium along with Thaman.Raghu Karumanchi is co anchoring the event along with Jhansi.

Updated at 07:25 PM

Jhansi is anchoring the show with a Telangana slang. Magic show is currently on with magicians from many countries. Good entertainment. Guests are coming in one by one

Updated at 07:23 PM

Bellamkonda Suresh and Director Gopichand Malineni have made their way into the auditorium. Satya master and troupe are dancing to "Cheliya Cheliya" from Gharshana and "Gemini Gemini" song from Gemini. Fans are going wild with delight and the auditorium is exploding in whistles and cheers

Updated at 07:18 PM

Sathya Master's troupe is dancing to 'Paataki Praanam' song from the movie Vasu. Dance is nicely choreographed and is entertaining to watch.

Updated at 07:13 PM

Classical dance performance has started on stage with 3 classical dancers. "Ghana nadhaya ghana kireeteeya" private devotional song is being performed. Huge lotus set has been erected on stage

Updated at 07:05 PM

The event is being anchored by Jhansi. Currently some of the super hit songs from Venky's films are being played and fans are going wild with delight. The guests are slowly making their way in through the huge crowds that have gathere outside the venue

Updated at 06:45 PM

Its a great atmosphere out here and the auditorium is full to the brim. Lots and lots of people outside are trying to get in. Fans are all excited and eager for the function to begin. Currently some music and video songs from Venkatesh's earlier movies are being played

Updated at 06:40 PM

" We are at the audio launch venue of 'Bodyguard' and we will be bringing you live and exclusive updates from the event.

Ashok Reddy. M
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