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Updated at 2:40 AM

Climax. The movie has finally ended. Review will follow folks.

Updated at 2:26 AM

The movie is in melodrama mode.. 'Tremendous sacrifices' on both sides for the happiness of the other side.

Updated at 2:14 AM

One more fight sequence now Varun Sandesh is smashing the baddies

Updated at 2:08 AM

Time for one more song now. Moral of the story so far 'Evadu Teesukunna Gothilo Vaade Padathadu'

Updated at 2:00 AM

Love Story is taking many twists and turns..not sure whether those twists and turns are needed.

Updated at 1:47 AM

Ali is back once more as Pungi Baba.

Updated at 1:31 AM

Interval - Some comedy is there but a lot of confusion in the plot. Let us see how second half stacks up

Updated at 1:25 AM

First fight sequence of the movie now

Updated at 1:18 AM

Thagubothu Ramesh is back. Time for the third song "Albela albela"

Updated at 1:08 AM

Ali is now Hukka Baba. Movie has some comedy and the love track is now being diverted into a triangle love story for some selfish purposes

Updated at 12:50 AM

Time for the second song of the movie. Love track being established currently

Updated at 12:27 AM

Ali is Kuphli Baba. He is hilarious

Updated at 12:27 AM

Thagubothu Ramesh does a nice cameo..Nasser comes in as Varun's father. Kota Srinivas and others are being introduced as the family members

Updated at 12:24 AM

Preetika Rao is introduced. She looks good

Updated at 12:21 AM

'Love lo edo pareshaan' is the first song. Shot nicely in Thailand

Updated at 12:16 AM

Swetha Basu Prasad and Vennela Kishore make their entry.. Varun Sandesh eases in coolly on a nice bike

Updated at 12:12 AM

The movie has finally STARTED!!

Updated at 12:07 AM

Looks like the issue is still not resolved. Crowds are growing restless and some minor arguments breaking out with the PVR folks..Poor Varun Sandesh. Movie should begin anytime now

Updated at 11:43 AM

Screening has been delayed by 10 minutes due to an issue with the projection system. The movie will start soon. Let's hope the wait is worth it :) . Till then, check out some exciting stuff on our site folks. We have three exciting reviews for you to enjoy

Updated at 11:28 AM

Hello Folks. We will be bringing you live updates from Varun Sandesh's Priyudu shortly. Keep watching this space for exclusive and live updates from the movie

Mahesh K.S
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