Sarvam : A "Dubbed" Dissapointment!!!
Release date: 23rd April 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 2/5
Director : Vishnu Vardhan
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer : Ayngaran International
Starring : Arya, Trisha, JD Chakravarthy, Indrajeet and others...
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Sarvam is a Tamil movie that seems to have been hastily dubbed in Telegu to cash in on the popularity of Arya and Trisha. Arya who had powerfully portrayed a negative role in the recently released big-budget “Varudu” plays the hero in Sarvam and the movie is centered on him to a large extent!

What is it about : Arya is a young architect who is supposedly working on a couple of prestigious projects until he bumps into Trisha. It’s love at first sight for him and he spends the rest of his time trying to woo the pretty doctor with his attention grabbing antics. A couple of songs & many scenes later, Trisha finally realizes his love for him and agrees to marry him. In a different track, we are introduced to the mysterious JD Chakravarthy who has sworn vengeance on Naumann and his son Ehaan who he believes are responsible for his family’s death in an accident. The first half ends tragically with Trisha dying unexpectedly and leaving behind a very heartbroken Arya. In the true filmly tradition, Trisha’s heart is transplanted in Ehaan’s body as the young kid is suffering with a heart disorder. A brooding Arya decides to go and meet Ehaan in the scenic hill-station of Munnar only to find Chakravarthy waiting there. The movie then moves into a revenge sage with Arya pledging to protect Ehaan (read Trisha’s heart) which results in many encounters, a jungle chase and a bloody climax set in a church.

What is Good: There are very few good things to recommend here out of which the performances by Arya, Trisha and Chakravarthy stand out. Arya plays both his roles of a bubbly lover boy and a brooding loser with ease given that he has there in almost 95% of the frames. Chakravarthy who has more footage than Trisha pitches in with an intense performance with minimal dialogues. Trisha, despite her limited role, is quite natural with a character which she has played many times earlier. She manages to light up the screen with her presence in each scene. The camera captures the beauty of Munnar with its misty lush green slopes.

What is bad: Sarvam promises a love story and then ends up as a revenge saga with a very flimsy thread of a transplanted heart tying the two different plots. Though the first half is watchable thanks to the love story, the second half goes into a completely different and disappointing tangent. Too much screen-time is used to establish Arya’s lost love and Chakravarthy’s anger that eventually leads to a long-drawn climax fight. All the side characters shown in the first half completely disappear in the second half and so we are left with just four male characters dominating the second half proceedings. The songs in the second half seem to be forced into the screen-play to lighten up the proceeding which unfortunately doesn’t work.

Me Thinks: You can safely give this a miss especially if you have high expectations thanks to the presence of Trisha and Arya.

Tailpiece: Trisha fans would be in for a disappointment since she is almost reduced to a guest appearance in the movie!!!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

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