Audio Review : Nenu Naa Rakshasi

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11 April 2011, Hyderabad.

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Irrespective of the fate of his previous films Puri Jagannath’s films are known for their energy. The music of his films too is packed with the same dynamism. It will be quite interesting to see how the audio of Nenu Naa Rakshasi sounds, especially because it has two different music directors.

1. Malli Malli Merupula
Lyrics: Rahman
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan

Kudirithe KappuAlbum starts with high energy – electric guitars, thumming drums and powerful lyrics. Interestingly, it is a love song inspite of its pretty hero-oriented sound. Rahman’s lyrics, even though they sometimes come across as shoddily done, are saved because of the feel of the number. Shankar Mahadevan’s voice sounds as energetic as the electric guitars. Malli Malli Merupula is pretty straight without too much drama in terms of instruments used, but when electric guitars lead the way, what is the need for drama!

Lyrics: Vishwa
Singers: Vishwa

Kudirithe KappuJust as it starts Padithinammo’s beat and usage of keyboards, reminds us of Chiguru Boniya from the recently released Teenmaar. Interestingly, the key person in both the songs is Vishwa who happened to contribute both with the pen and voice. In this case, he is also the composer! The striking factor of Padithinammo is the kind of words that have been used – together they come across as quite comical, much against the actual meaning of each of those words.

Lyrics: Vishwa
Singers: Geetha Madhuri, Vishwa, Rahul Nambiar

Kudirithe KappuMeenachi sounds very much an item number. So Geetha Madhuri, of Chamka Chamka Rey fame, uses the special tinge in her voice to make this one sound as much husky as possible. Yet again, the strength of the song, if we have to pick any thing, is its lyrics, which add more variety to the song, than the instrumentation or the composition of the song.

4. Papam Punyam
Singers: Bhargavi Pillai, Hemachandra

Kudirithe KappuFor the first time in the album, Papam Punyam makes an impression in terms of variety. Bhargavi Pillai rocks, though we wonder if the music banks heavily on instruments we generally hear in Mani Sharma’s songs. But the composition cannot somehow integrate the meaning of the lyrics, which to an extent sound like they are speaking ‘down’ to us.

5.Padithinammo (Remix)
Kudirithe KappuAs the name suggests, this is the remix of the song we’ve already heard before. Obviously this version has faster tempo and has got more ‘electronic’ feel to it than the original. Otherwise, the remix adds nothing to the original, except add another song to the album.

6.Nenu Naa Rakshasi Theme
Kudirithe KappuThe theme song of Nenu Naa Rakshasi, probably for the first time in the album, contains violins. This is also the first time you will feel any depth in the album! It might not be a mere coincidence if the music reminds you of Bourne Identity, though this theme lacks heavily in creating a mysterious and haunting feel.

The music of Nenu Naa Rakshasi may score in terms of energy, but it simply lacks depth and thus might not reach out to all. Almost all the songs sound unidimensional, and only extremely talented musician would have been able to justify it. Neither Rahman nor Vishwa (both previously lyricists) impress us with their efforts. That said, a movie is always the perspective of a director, and hence it would be too early to simply writeoff its music, especially when it comes in the form a song compliation. There must be some meaning behind the way each song sounds, hopefully!


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