Lawrence responds to Sri Reddy’s allegations

Some time back, controversial actress, Sri Reddy made many allegations against choreographer turned director Raghavendra Lawrence. In her posts, the actress revealed that Lawrence exploited her during the making of Rebel.

It has been quite some time now and Lawrence has finally broken his silence and clarified things. In his statement, Lawrence said it has been seven years since Rebel came out and why Sri Reddy did not respond then and why is she making such a fuss now.

We need to see how the controversial actress responds to these statements from Lawrence.

Hi Friends and Fans..! it’s been 13 years since my trust started… because of your support it’s running successfully. thanks for your support and blessings.

And one more thing ,

I want to clarify about Sri reddy issue👇

— Raghava Lawrence (@offl_Lawrence) July 29, 2018