Famous US Studio’s SFX for 7th Sense

Nothing is small about 7th Sense. The film’s budget is touted to be in the mid 80 crore region. Sources in Kollywood are pegging it in the Rs. 84 to 85 crore range. In fact the first 10 minutes of the film itself is supposed to have costed Rs. 10 crores. The whole movie is slated to be a visual feast.

Murugadoss has roped in Hollywood technicians from Stan Winston Studios in US, to give the special effects for the film. This is the same studio that has created the magic for movies like Hulk and The Green Lantern. In a few days we will be seeing that kind of technical excellence in a South Indian film.

The director Muruga Doss said that the SFX scenes are well integrated into the movie and thanked Suriya and Shruti Hasan for their excellent cooperation in filming the sequences.