India has wonderful cinema: Christopher Nolan

14th, January 2018 - 08:10:02 PM

Christopher Nolan, one of the highly celebrated Hollywood directors, is going to visit Mumbai on March 31. Christopher Nolan, who’s known for his penchant for shooting on celluloid, will take part in a round table discussion and a public event as part of the ‘Reframing the Future of Film’ event aimed at highlighting the necessity of preserving photochemical film in the digital age.

Confirming his participation in the event, Christopher had some good things to say about India’s art and cinematic legacy. “India has such wonderful cinema and such a rich history of art that everything needs to be done to not only encourage its proper preservation for future generations but also to reintroduce the film medium to the younger artistes and filmmakers in the country,” the Interstellar director said.