Kona Venkat Urges Pawan’s Fans And Kathi Mahesh To Maintain Silence

The controversy surrounding Kathi Mahesh’s comments on Pawan Kalyan and the backlash that followed is growing bigger by the day. Now, a few members from the Telugu film fraternity are urging everyone to call a truce, at least for the time-being, so that issues can be settled amicably.

Writer Kona Venkat, who defended Pawan Kalyan, urged Pawan Kalyan’s fans to maintain silence for the next few days. ““SILENCE IS A TRUE FRIEND WHO NEVER BETRAYS”…. I request everyone to maintain Silence till 15th January.. I request even Mahesh Kathi to maintain silence.. going to any media house or using any platform to speak against fans or PK will spoil the attempt to bring peace 🙏,” he posted on Twitter.

Recently, when Kona Venkat raised his objections to how the whole controversy was being handled, his name too has been dragged into the ongoing issue. Now, it remains to be seen how both parties are going to respond to Kona Venkat’s earnest appeal.