Press Note : ‘The End’ to release on December 5

1st, December 2014 - 08:20:05 PM

One of the most awaited telugu horror films of this year “THE END” has finished its post-production & censor and is ready to hit the screens in the theatres across the two telugu-speaking states on next friday, 5th December 2014.
Tauted to be a new age pshycological-thriller cum horror film, THE END is made by a fresh talent of entirely youngsters. Despite of not having any big-names from the tollywood, with its first-of-its-kind posters & eccentric trailers this film which is directed by Rahul Sankrityan, has already caught much attention from both the audiences & tollywood industry wallahs with its out-of-the-box content.

Finally, the time has come now to see if this new age independent cinema will indeed succeed to break the robust conventional tollywood formula as it is anticipated.