Core committee meets over “T”

The wise men in Delhi have come together once again. On the table for discussion were the issues of Kashmir, U P elections and Telangana. Interestingly enough, there are speculations that Delhi is seeing a link between 2012 elections in U P and the Telangana issue. The commonality being the demand for a separate statehood in U P too. The Congress in fact is courting Ajit Singh on the matter and the later is supposed to have hinted that a favorable statement on Telengana would have a positive impact for the Congress in U P. If that is the case, a resolution to the T issue might very well materialize on or before the UP elections in 2012. The core committee comprising Chidambaram, Pranab and A K Antony invited Ghulam Nabi Azad for this meeting and reportedly took a full briefing on the ground reality in the state. Azad however declined to interact with the media.