How the Congress forced itself into a corner

With the Congress cracking the whip on the 16 rebel MLAs, by elections have once again been forced on these constituencies. With this decision, to a large extent, the long standing wishes of YSR Congress and the TRS have been fulfilled. For these two parties elections are the only way to keep themselves relevant in the eyes of the public, although for the ruling Congress party, things are bleak. The party, in a face saving exercise, has forced itself into a corner and has subjected itself to the choices of an increasingly restless electorate. The popularity that KCR and Y S Jagan enjoy is another factor altogether. There is not one Congress leader in the state who can hold a candle to these two. Even the most optimistic of Congress men admit that they can just about manage 5 or 6 seats. Time will tell whether TDP’s claim of winning all the 17 seats (16 Congress + 1 PRP) is bravery or bravado. It is now evident that the biggest gainers will be YSR Congress and the TRS.