Kiran discusses “T” issue with Sonia

AP Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy met UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and discussed the various developments on the Telengana issue. The C M who was in Delhi to attend the National Development Council meeting, however, refused to give details of his discussions with Ms. Gandhi, saying, “It is not necessary that everything be disclosed to the media.” Reacting to the TDP allegation that “The Polavaram tender was finalised in the name of SEW Infrastructure which was a major stakeholder in Namaste Telangana daily, a pro-Telangana newspaper owned by KCR men,” Mr Reddy said there was no “ambiguity” in the selection. He also reiterated the fact that the “State government might save Rs.600 crore in the selection of a particular lowest bid, which was 12.1 per cent less than the nearest one.”