Pawar says rampant corruption is making people restless

Sharad Pawar has come out in favour of the battle against corruption. Addressing a gathering of journalists the NCP chief said while he had no idea as to why he was slapped, he could very well empathise with the restless mood prevailing among the youth in India. The restlessness Pawar said was due to rampant corruption. “There have been some errors…. Some are facing serious corruption charges and the matter is in court. People are restless and if public ire keeps rising, it will be a threat to democracy.” The NCP leader was in a rather sombre mood and said that the media too should join the fight against corruption. “We should all put our heads together-parties and the media-and find where we have gone wrong. The media too must function with a faith that democratic institutions have to be nurtured. If we fail, the country will face a spell of uncertainty.”