PRP dissent shocks Congress

The last minute dissent shown by the MLAs from the PRP has given Congress a genuine cause of worry. So much so that it felt the need to clamp section 144 across the parties. The PRP MLAs feel that Delhi has taken their support for granted and has continuously made promises that simply have not materialised. They feel now is the best time to reach the ruling party an unforgettable lesson. The Congress though in its hearts is aware that it will pull through this test, but barely. Y S Jagan meanwhile had a closed door session with the section of MLAs supporting his party. But he apparently did not get any concrete assurance from them that they will vote for the no-confidence motion. The TDP too is keeping mum on the issue. Obviously the Congress and the TDP are aware that the only two parties who will benefit from a fresh election are the TRS and YSR Congress party. This might force the TDP to support the congress and thereby shut the door of opportunity for KCR and Y S Jagan. However the Congress has to set its equation right with PRP for it to have any chance of sailing through this self-made mess.