25 June 2011 , Hyderabad.

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Updated at 11:25 AM

And just like that the moves ends. Watch out for our review.

Updated at 11:22 AM

Story moves closer towards climax with lots of drama.

Updated at 11:00 AM

Moonnaalle song in the bg now. Tragic.

Updated at 10:50 AM

Story gather some momentum now.

Updated at 10:44 AM

The story movies slowly and leads to another song. Shot in the USA. Looks and sounds good too.

Updated at 10:25 AM

2nd half starts from where it left and takes off to flashback immediately.

Updated at 10:20 AM

So with the expected twist the movie goes into a break. So far it has rich visuals, and moves quite slowly. It needs to pick speed if it has to involve the audiences more.

Updated at 10:1 AM

Padapada song in the background now, again a montage, has a good fell to it.

Updated at 09:55 AM

A.J song now, shot in the U.S being too slow might work against it, but Siddharth and Priya look cool together.

Updated at 09:47 AM

Comedy with Rahmanís Roja song is interesting.

Updated at 09:44 AM

Priya Anand enters now, hinting at a flashback. Infact it is flashback time.

Updated at 09:41 AM

Ninna leni song now, lots of montage visuals for a good song. Nithya easily steals the scenes from Siddharth.

Updated at 09:34 AM

Subtle comedy involving Nithya has the crowd in splits.

Updated at 09:25 AM

The slow mo song now, neatly done with some terrific visuals.

Updated at 09:20 AM

Nithya Menon makes an interesting entry.

Updated at 09:15 AM

Radha Radhe song comes in, more in the background.

Updated at 09:08 AM

Movie starts now with a terrific visual and a bit song. Siddharth makes a calm and grim entry.

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