Release date: 6th November 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 2 / 5
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Director : Srinivas Reddy
Music Director : M M Sreelekha
Producer : Boddam Ashok Yadav
Starring : Srikanth, Sada , Meera Jasmine and others ...
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Srinivas Reddy's latest film 'A AA E EE' starring Srikanth, Meera Jasmine and Sada is a mish mash of sentiment, comedy and a whole lot of unnecessary details. The film rides high on the belief that families do have problems and it takes more than a stroke of luck, divine intervention and good Samaritans to solve them. If only, Srinivas had considered that some honest conversations can also solve problems, this film would have been much better. 'A AA E EE' narrates the story of a honest guy who finds himself facing a whole lot of problems and how he solves them.

What is it about : Srikanth stars as Chandram, a taxi driver by profession, the guy with a heart of gold. He's deeply in love with his wife, Kalyani (Meera Jasmine) and the fact that they don't have any children doesn't bother him. After an ugly conversation with a neighbour and thanks to the divine intervention, Kalyani gets impregnated. However, the doctor tells Chandram that Kalyani suffers from a heart disease which could be life threatening. He ends up meeting Ramya's (Sada) father and tells him that he is his son-in-law. So…who is this Ramya? Why does Chandram end up at her place and how does he manage to save Kalyani's life? That forms the rest of the story.

What is Good: The film starts on the right note, as far as introducing the characters goes. Srikanth is good in his role which has too much scope for sentiment. Meera Jasmine has nothing much to offer in her role as Kalyani, apart from delivering sentimental dialogues and shedding tears at regular intervals. She does both of them with good ease. Sada's character as Ramya rakes in a lot of curiosity and she sizzles in her glamorous role. Krishna Bhagwan has a full length role as Srikanth's friend and he's funny in parts. Other actors, Ali, Brahmanandam, M.S.Narayana and Kovai Sarala are good till a certain point of time. Venkat made a special appearance after a long time.

What is bad: The story written by Nageshwara Rao has its share of good moments, but it also drags, a lot. Screenplay by Srinivas Reddy is disappointing in second half and it doesn't do justice to the interest created by Sada's introduction. The film's biggest problem is nobody has an honest conversation about their lives. Srikanth never asks Sada about her past. Meera Jasmine never asks what Srikanth is doing at present. . And it takes a good one hour to realize this point. Sunil's character as James Bond-000 is the least funny of all the characters in the movie. The film also has its share of vulgarity and unnecessarily resorts to skin show, every now and then. The climax of the film is a huge let down.

Technical Departments: Music by M.M Sri Lekha is good, especially for 'Muchata Muchata'. Costumes department seems to have concentrated too much on Sada and they do well there. 'Muchata Muchata' song is also good art decoration per se, although flowers could have been a better option rather than fruits! Cinematography by Vijay.C.Kumar is alright. Editing by Gowtham Raju is good. Srinivas Reddy, the director of the film also handled the screenplay. The direction is good in parts and he manages to keep you guessing till the interval bang. But the second half is a drawback and he could have done much better in the last act of the film.

Bottomline: A AA E EE' is the kind of film which cannot be taken too seriously. It desperately tries to make you laugh, cry and whistle. While some of us do enjoy all that, the film is disappointing when you realize how lame the jokes are, how artificial the emotions are and how vulgar few scenes are. The film could have been shorter which would have given scope for a gripping screenplay. In the end, the only interesting aspect of the film is its title, 'A AA E EE- Athanu Aame..Inthalo Eeme'; it begins with 4 letters but ends up narrating all the 56 letters. Thumbs down for 'A AA E EE', it's funny and good in parts but ends up testing your patience and intelligence.

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2 / 5

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