Ahana Pellanta : Laughs Guaranteed
Release date: 02 March 2011.
Note : 123telugu.com is Media Partners for ANP. It would be unethical to rate a movie which we have promoted. We have hence decided not to give any rating for ANP, and request readers to go through the complete review.
Director : Veerabhadram
Music Director : Raghu Kunche
Producer : Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Starring : Allari Naresh, Ritu Barmecha, Srihari, Ahuti Prasad, Nagineedu, Bramanandam and others...
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There are certain similarities between Allari Naresh and Srihari. Both have established unique style of making audiences laugh out loud in almost impossible to smile situations and both wouldn’t mind doing character roles when necessary. In Aha Naa Pellanta, both compete to outdo each other, both as actors and characters. With both of them together, the movie promises a laugh riot and almost manages to keep it.

 Aha Naa Pellanta What’s it about : Subrahmanyam (Allari Naresh) is an intelligent, hardworking software engineer. He lives with his uncle (Ahuti Prasad), keeps the poster of Bill Gates in his room, spends most of his time with his girlfriend Madhu (Anita Hasnandani), and Busy Balraj (Brahmanandam). After getting drunk heavily one night, he wakes up with a girl – Sanjana ( Ritu Barmecha). Neither he nor does the girl remember how they got together, but both start to believe they did ‘it’. It isn’t before too long that the girl’s ‘goon’ brothers (Srihari, Subbaraju, Samrat), warn him of dire consequences if he doesn’t get married to their ‘innocent’ sister. No matter how hard he tries to escape the marriage, it seems he can’t evade the brothers’ eyes. Just when he has given up all hope and agrees to the forced marriage, he stumbles upon a secret that turns the tables on the brothers. Inspite of having the upper hand over the brothers, poor Subbu still finds himself in a drama of love and backbiting created by them. In order to know who wins in the end, you got to watch Aha Naa Pellantaon screen.

What is Good : Aha Naa Pellanta is a shameless comedy. It has innumerable scenes which generate different kinds of laughs – from the cheeky guffaws to complete ‘fall off seat’ loud laughs. Even though some could say that Srihari’s Telangana dialect has become too ‘normal’ he manages to utter some extremely funny words – just the words are enough to gives chuckles. Together with Brahmanandam, Srihari shoulders the responsibility of the movie, with some situations that can be seen only in Telugu Cinema. Of course it is unnecessary to say that Brahmanandam, when he has a good character, is just a synonym for comedy! Allari Naresh has a peculiar expression which by default looks confused and he makes use of it completely. Ritu Barmecha makes a nice entry into films, though she is required only to play the love interest of Naresh. Also cameo appearances from the likes of Venu Madhav, M.S. Narayana , Jaya Prakash Reddy, Vennela Kishore etc… add to the hilarious moments of the film. Anitha lokks glamorous in her limited role.

What is bad: Aha Naa Pellanta is heavily reminiscent of Hindi movie Welcome and has few scenes inspired from such comedies in Hindi. Problem is while the recent Hindi comedy movies have flimsy storylines, the progress of the story is effortless thanks to some well written and well acted scenes. Unfortunately, we have only well acted scenes (not all) here. For a comedy movie, Aha Naa Pellanta tries too hard to generate a love story between the lead couple. The good thing about Aha Naa Pellanta though is that at the end of the movie, you won’t mind it, because it gives your cheek bones enough exercise.

Technical Departments : Because it is a comedy, Aha Naa Pellanta is heavily dependent on dialogues, which are for most parts, written well. However, some dialogues had to be muted, and few others were not as emotional as they could have been. Editing glitches were quite visible, and the overall texture of the movie was quite average. The sets, (sometimes supported by VFX), weren’t too impressive either. However, it had one or two songs that could be of some interest to the masses, though the film could have done without atleast one. First time director Veerabhadra, instead of relying on the script, banked on highly experienced actors who do not shy away from their responsibility. Raghu Kunche background could have been better.

Final Point : Aha Naa Pellanta could just be the movie for those who are looking for some good entertainment. It is easily a good Allari Naresh film in the recent times and also has bonus in the form of Srihari and Brahmanandam.


Note : 123telugu.com is Media Partners for ANP. It would be unethical to rate a movie which we have promoted. We have hence decided not to give any rating for ANP, and request readers to go through the complete review.

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