02 December, Hyderabad.

Special Screening Live Updates - Alasyam Amrutham

Alasyam Amrutham

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Updated at 11:45 PM

All is well that ends well. Movie tries to give a message. It’s got good comedy scenes and nice theme.

Updated at 11:17 PM

The story moves along slowly. Lead to the climax with a tragedy.

Updated at 11:07 PM

A cheeky situation leads to another song. Shot in Vizag.

Updated at 10:58 PM

Movie’s most funny moments come one after another.

Updated at 10:52 PM

All hasn’t delivered a dialogue yet, but is too funny…

Updated at 10:50 PM

Another song again. This time on Aravind Krishna & Madalasa Sharma. Again good visuals of Araku.

Updated at 10:40 PM

Aravind Krishna enters. He looks good.

Updated at 10:35 PM

Second half starts off with a song. Good visuals of Araku, and a good number to listen to.

Updated at 10:20 PM

The story moves along a bit slowly, and there comes the intermission. So far so good now. The main theme of the story is appreciable, but it needs to move faster.

Updated at 10:10 PM

Jayaprakash makes a laugh out loud entry for a comical fight scene.

Updated at 10:02 PM

Time for an item number. It is interesting to see senior character artists dancing.

Updated at 09:55 PM

Dharmavarapu Subramanyam is amazingly funny in whatever little screen time he has.

Updated at 09:35 PM

Good comedy scenes lead to first song.

Updated at 09:30 PM

All Character artists make entries. Funny…

Updated at 09:25 PM

Movie Starts Now. Nikhil and Madalasa Sharma make a breezy entry.

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