Alasyam Amrutham
Release date: 03 December 2010.
Director : Mahesh Chandra
Music Director : Koti
Producer : D.Rama Naidu
Starring : Nikhil Siddharth, Madalasa Shrama, Aravind Krishna and Others
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Young actor Nikhil Siddharth has made a mark for himself with his first movie Happy Days, but is still waiting for another such big hit in his career. Movie Moghul Ramanaidu has picked him up as the protagonist of his 135th production Alasyam Amrutham. Chandra Mahesh of Preyasi Raave fame wielded the director’s megaphone for this movie. It will be interesting to see how the experienced producer utilizes the energies of a young actor. 123telugu.com takes a look:

 Alasyam Amrutham What’s it about: Ram (Nikhil) is a young guy who’s recently got a job in the USA. After visiting the Annaravam Temple, he’s waiting for his train to reach the city, from where he can take off to the US. Here he meets Vaidehi (Madalasa Sharma) who has runaway from home, because her parents want to marry her off to someone she doesn’t like! Infact she has a dark side, which she doesn’t want anyone around her to know about.

Together Ram and Vaidehi chance upon a months old baby, who has been left abandoned at the station. Ram, being a kind hearted guy, doesn’t want to leave the baby. Luckily for him, his train is late. In the mean time both he and Vaidehi try to find the baby’s parents. In their search, they have to deal with lots of people, each having their own personal issues. How Ram tries to solve them, what is Vaidehi’s story, and whether they both will be able to find the baby’s parents, before the train arrives form the rest of the story!

What is Good: The theme of the movie deserves appreciation. Lots of various people, meeting at a railway station, gives a chance to tell lots of stories, attached to one thread. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam as a true Christian, Ali as a silent thief, AVS as astrologer, etc. brings some laughable scenes. Infact Jaiprakash Reddy as the typical faction who leader who is at the station to kill someone, but doesn’t know why he should kill him brings some loud laughs. Nikhil, Aravind Krishna, Madalasa Sharma all perform well.

The movie tries to give a message too.

What is bad: The central conflict of the movie, if there needs to be one, isn’t properly established. After a period of time certain scenes tend to get repetitive, which probably bores the audiences. The love story theme between Ram and Vaidehi should have been dealt better.

Technical Departments: Being a single set movie, the screenplay couldn’t keep the necessary intensity required. The songs shot in Araku have come out well, thanks to some good work by the cinematographer. There was not much of necessity for a stylist as all the actors were needed to be changing their costumes only once or twice. The first two songs in the second half are good too.

Final Point: Alasyam Amrutham is a fun movie, with loads of comedy situations, an interesting theme and a message. While it is quite different from Suresh Productions earlier movies, it is for those who like multiple stories and Telugu comedy.

Note: 123telugu.com is Media Partners for Alasyam Amrutham. It would be unethical to rate a movie which we have promoted. We have hence decided not to give any rating for Alasyam Amrutham.

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