Ankit, Pallavi & Friends – Popcorn Flick!!!
Release date: 05 September 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 2.75/5
Director : Hari Yelleti
Music Director : Vinu Thomas
Producers : Kishore Ganji, Hari Yelleti
Starring : Nikhil, Megha Burman, Venu, Surya, Pradeep...
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Ankit, Pallavi And Friends (APAF) is a movie that makes no pretensions of the fact that it is targeted at a certain section of the audience which in this case is the student and the youth crowd. Having done that, it goes on to end up as a light clean entertainer where you can just sit back and enjoy it without thinking too much!

What is about : Simply put…it’s the story of two childhood friends who move from friendship to love to separation to love again. If this sounds familiar, then that’s because it’s a familiar theme. Ankit (Nikhil) is a dreamy laidback dude who wants to be a musician while believing that luck is everything. His childhood friend Pallavi (Megha) is the opposite for whom hardwork is the mantra of success. Over time, they realize they are in love and that’s where trouble starts when they look at situations differently and decide to go their separate ways. They soon realize what they have lost and come back together after achieving success in their respective fields without compromising on their values. Their friends, parents and people around them also have their little stories that add to the overall theme of the movie about different people coming together.

What is Good: Though the theme might sound clichéd, it’s the treatment which makes it a light entertainer in the league of Happy Days. To start with, the actors have been chosen well esp. the lead pair who look cute together. Nikhil carries off his act well that at times seems to be continuation of his “Happy Days” character. Megha is pleasant and the pair is well supported by his friends who come up with comical situations. The music by debutant Vinu Thomas is pleasant and melodious. Amongst his friends, Surya evokes most laughs from the audience. Most of the movie is shot in Hyderabad which gives it a local flavor.

What is bad: The movie might appear clichéd and does suffer from a Happy Days hangover at times. At times, it gets a bit loud and the second half does get a bit dramatic and drags in the last 20 mins while tying up all the sub-plots.

Me Thinks:If you want to watch a movie for timepass which also does not demand you to really think too much while you munch on the popcorn, then this is it. The trend of putting in new fresh young faces in a college atmosphere which was tried successfully in Happy Days & Jaane Tu…ya Jaane Na is rehashed here by the US returned débutante director Hari Yelleti.

- Aks  
123Telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5

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