Ashta Chamma Ready to play again!
Release date: 05 September 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 4/5
Director : Mohankrishna Indraganti
Music Director : Kalyani Malik
Producers : Ramohan P
Starring : Swathi, Nani, Srinivas, Bhargavi, Jhansi, Tanikella Bharani and Hema...
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The final slide of Ashta Chamma reads 'Thanks to Oscar for Wilde Inspiration'. Yes, it is that kind of a movie. Do not know who Oscar Wilde was? No problem, you know Mahesh babu right. And you know the kind of fan following that Mahesh babu enjoys, especially among the female crowd. And you know how many hearts broke when Mahesh married Namrata. You don't know all this either - no worries. Ashta Chamma will tell you all this and a lot more in the most entertaining manner possible.

What is it about: Ashta Chamma is about a girl called Lavanya ('Colors' Swathi). Lavanya loves Mahesh Babu and is a big fan of the actor. She goes into shock when she finds out that Mahesh has gotten married. She then tells her aunt (Jhansi) that she will marry only if the guy's name is Mahesh and he looks like Pokiri from one side and Prince from the other. Enter Anand (Srinivas Avasarala) who is Lavanya's neighbor. Anand takes it upon himself to get Lavanya married and sets out to find Mahesh. And as luck would have it he finds Mahesh (Nani). Lavanya falls in love with Mahesh and Anand falls in love with Mahesh's sister Varalaxmi (Bhargavi). Happy ending? No, twist in the tale...to find out what, watch Ashta Chamma.

What is Good: The film is a clean family entertainer and after the adult males only 'Homam' last week this was a breath of fresh air. Shot in Hyderabad and 'Lakkavaram' in the Godavari district, the film shows us once again that the Alps and Newyork city can only add so much to a film, what is important is the story and the screenplay. Mohankrishna Indraganti, the national award winning director comes up with another winner, this time in the commercial arena. The dialogues are fresh as dew and the humor never appears forced. The director has a principle cast of 7 members and weaves a beautiful yarn with them. Swathi, Nani, Srinivas, Bhargavi, Jhansi, Tanikella Bharani and Hema put in stellar performances. The two or three fringe characters do well for themselves too. The music by Kalyani Mallik is good but could have been better. The camerawork and editing are definite assets to the movie.

What is bad: People might think it is slightly loud at places and the twist in the climax was slightly overdone. Frankly speaking though, I'm very much willing to overlook the flaws and surely a lot others will do that too!

Me Thinks: Long live multiplex movies. If this is the kind of product we get because we now have a discerning audience then I'm all for it. Leave the big heroes to do the mass masala flicks, we need those too, but encourage these kinda movies too. Take your entire family to the movie, have loads of fun and come out with a smile on your face. Ashta Chamma ROCKS!!!

Tailpiece: Mahesh Babu fans will be overjoyed with the kind of craze that is portrayed for Mahesh in the movie. However, if you are a Pawan Kalyan fan, there is a lovely twist in the flick too...

- Chantabbai  
123Telugu.com Rating : 4/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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