Avatar - Once in a Lifetime experience!
Release date: 18th December 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 4.75 /5
Director : James Cameron
Music Director : James Horner
Producer : James Cameron, Jon Landau
Starring : Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez and others
Cinematography : Mauro Fiore
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If we say James Cameron is a genius, then we are just reiterating a cliché! After films like Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens, Abyss and Titanic, he has proved that he’s indeed the King of the World. But Cameron had even bigger plans after Titanic. After 12 years of Titanic’s release, he’s back with another epic film, ‘Avatar’ and this time he proves that he’s more than just the King of Cinema. He’s now the God of Cinema, a God who created a whole new planet inhabited by 10 feet tall giants, hanging mountains, dragon like birds among many other visually stunning flora and fauna.

What is it about : The story unfolds on a planet named ‘Pandora’ in the year 2154. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former US marine is sent to Pandora on a special mission after his twin brother’s death. A military unit from Earth has set up a base in Pandora for the sole purpose of obtaining a rare mineral called ‘Unobtanium’, but there’s a catch. Pandora is inhabited by indigenous alien race called Na’vi and they don’t want to negotiate with these Sky People from Earth. In turn, the military creates ‘Avatars’ who are essentially Human-Na’vi hybrids to mingle with Na’vis. What happens when an ‘Avatar’ turns against the Humans forms the rest of this ‘Once in a life time experience’.

How Good is it :

32 years ago, George Lucas gave the world, ‘Star Wars’ which turned out to be a worldwide phenomenon and it took more than 20 years for someone who could deliver something equal to ‘Star Wars’ in terms of a visual experience. It was Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of The Rings’ which set a new standard in using visual effects in Cinema. However, James Cameron not only rises above the standards set by his predecessors but also leaves an indelible impression, far better than anyone ever could. This feat can only be surpassed by James Cameron himself or maybe his ‘Avatar’!

‘Avatar’ splendor lies in the fact that, despite all the Computer generated imagery, it looks so real that you begin to wonder if ‘Pandora’ really exists! Each frame of the film is so meticulously designed and brought to life that it’s impossible to point out even a single object and claim that it looks artificial. Off late, too many film makers have used visual effects and CGI to an extent that it’s almost suffocating. But Cameron and his team put in their heart and soul to change this trend and change it for good! Each blade of grass, every plant and animal in the forest is so splendidly designed that it leaves you breathless and dazed. No wonder the film took more than 4 years of production, more than $300 million budget and another $200 million for the advertising. If ‘Avatar’ is the kind of film, which is possible with a $500 million budget, then imagine what’s possible with a $1 billion budget with James Cameron at the helm of affairs? He might just put even God to shame, let alone all his contemporaries across the world.

The film also has a political undercurrent and it reminds you of the US invasion on Iraq, Afghanistan, ravaging the indigenous tribes and burning down of our rainforests. The theme of ‘Avatar’ has been used plenty of times before. It’s quintessentially an underdog story, almost a David vs Goliath adventure, where the underdog with a golden heart goes on to lead a group to trounce a stronger side. Even the dialogues in the film are simple. Probably it was a conscious decision of Cameron to narrate a theme like this. He does something better than that; sometimes the art of Cinema is more about expressing through moving images rather than dialogues. In that sense, ‘Avatar’ has just dethroned the likes of ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘LOTR’ ever made in the history of Cinema. ‘Avatar’ also scores remarkably well in depicting the aliens, the Na’vi. Their bare blue bodies, broad noses, wide eyes, long tails and a gigantic height make them quite unique. So unique that you begin to like them during the 2 hour 45 minute duration of the film and in the end cheer for them to win an epic battle.

Bottom Line : It’s difficult to judge how good a film ‘Avatar’ is because it’s the first of its kind. To call it a masterpiece is blasphemy, there has to be a far better word to describe the ‘Avatar’ experience. It’s the kind of film which makes you wonder how far human imagination can reach. ‘Avatar’, irrespective of the language you watch the film in, reinforces the fact that great cinema transcends all boundaries of geography, language, culture. It wouldn’t be too long for you to find out that every coffee table discussion revolves around ‘Avatar’. James Cameron has not only delivered what he promised but also ensures that your jaw drops by the end of the film. It’s overwhelming, splendid, stunning, beautiful and a once in a life time experience all at the same time. ‘Avatar’ is where virtual reality and pure magic collude to open the gates of Paradise. This time, Paradise has a name – Pandora. And it’s ruled by a God named James Cameron and he commands an army of wizards who redefine ‘awesomeness’! Watch the 3D version in the best theatre near your town/city and if you get a chance to watch the IMAX 3D version of ‘Avatar’ then it’s almost equal to paying for a ticket to visit the actual Garden of Eden. This ‘Pandorian’ experience will probably be the best journey you have ever taken.

P.S : ‘Avatar’ could have been a perfect film, if only the story was more imaginative instead of this highly predictable version.

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123Telugu.com Rating : 4.75 /5

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