Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam
Release date: 25 February, 2011
123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5
Director : Dinesh Baboo
Music Director : E S Murthy
Producer : Jonnada Ramamurthy
Starring : Rajendra Prasad, Suhasini, Naresh, Raghu Babu, Jhansi,Kaveri Jha and others ...
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There is something about Rajendra Prasad, even though he does movies which senior actors like him wouldn't have done. However, it is the same man who came up with interesting characters like the way he did in Aa Naluguru, Mee SreyobhilashiBrahmalokam to Yamalokam via Bhoolokam etc. Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam doesn't definitely belong to any of the movies mentioned above, even though it has seasoned actors like Suhasini and Naresh to accompany.

 Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam What's it about: Venkat (Rajendra Prasad) is an Income Tax officer, who falls victim of being too sincere to his duty. He ends up caught in an embarassing situation with a lady, caught live on TV by overtly enthusiastic media - the result of which he is suspended from duty. What causes him trouble is not that he lost his job, but that he has lost the trust and respect of his wife (Suhasini), and his three daugthers. Unable to bear their tantrums, especially of his wife, he schemes a weird plot to re-establish his importance in the family. He brings in Veena (Kaveri Jha) as his girlfriend to make his family members insecure of losing him. What Venkat doesn't know is that his wife will do the same to get back attention from her husband. However, the guy whom she chooses as her acting boyfriend, happens to be her elder daugther's real life boy friend. It is through this confusing relationship the movie tries to tell the importance of love, respect, family and importantly trust through troubling times.

What is Good : Rajendra Prasad and Suhasini easily share the responsibility of shouldering the film through to its end. Naresh has a small role, and it isn't hard for him either. The best part of the movie is that it isn't too long and it doesn't have unnecessary songs. Inspite of its mask that the film has a message, Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam has too many loopholes.

What is bad: Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam has a very weak story line. A man finding a hot girlfriend to win his wife's attention back doesn't make too much of a story. That Kaveri Jha is too uptight in her role adds nothing to the film. For a film that is supposedly for family audiences, it has unnecessary double entendres. It is a pity that Jhansi chose to do such a role. While there is no necessity that a film should have out door locations, almost all of this film has been shot indoors. As a result we feel that we are watching a TV serial, with loud comic scenes, though there is nothing to laugh in them.

Technical Departments : As said already the movie has a very weak story line and only an expert comedy director like Priyadarshan could have done a better job out of this film. The director of this movie Dinesh Babu is no Priyadarshan. Inspite of many follies, he manages to ensure that the situation of a married lady trying to woo a young kid doesn't look too ugly. There is nothing much left to be talked about. Cameraman and art director had very little to do, and the music director chose to do very little.

Final Point: It is sometimes sad to see movies like Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam. Though the topic of miscommunication between husband and wife has so many ways of being translated onto big screen, Bhale Mogudu Bhale Pellam is a sorry tale.


123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

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