Babloo : Time Pass Affair
Release date: 03 June 2011.
123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5
Director : G.Ravicharan Reddy
Producers : Smt Gudur Jhansirani
Music Director : Chakri
Starring : Manotej, Aditi Sharma, Mukul Dev, Ahuti Prasad and others...
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For a small film, Babloo did grab attention for its aggressive promotion. While the promotion does suggest that it has been packaged to mark the debut of Mano Tej, Babloo isnít all about Mano Tej. So what is the movie about?

Babloo Whatís it about : Babloo (Mano Tej) is a college going youth who wouldnít mind going out of his way to help people in trouble. In one of his social help cases he enters into a fighting fiasco with henchmen of powerful Veerabhadra (Ahuti Prasad) and his nephew, Gaja (Mukul Dev). As a result, he is forced to escape to a friendís village. Here he sees Pooja (Adithi Sharma) and falls for her. While they become friends it is revealed that Pooja is daughter of Veerabhadra. When the mob leader comes to know of this, instead of reacting harshly, he doesnít mind her going out with the boy. This isnít taken kindly by Gaja, who is waiting to get married to her, and take over his uncleís property. In the mean time, Mano is struggling to convey his feelings to Pooja. Even though he knows he can convince her, he is also worried about how his three elder brothers, who have sworn to remain bachelors throughout their lives. How does Babloo deal with Pooja, his brothers, and Gaja forms the rest of the story.

What is Good : For starters the movie isnít all about Mano Tej, though he is given ample scope to impress with his histrionics. He is quite at ease in the fight sequences, and did well for a first timer, though he sounds like Sivaji at times. Adithi Sharma, who has the experience of working in advertisements and in Hindi serials, does a decent job too. Most of the first half of movie is filled with lots of scenes that are aimed to keep the audiences entertained. The movie's best parts arrive in the second half, when experienced actors bring some extremely laugh out loud moments. Rao Ramesh is a revelation in a dumbish role, while Satya Krishna and Surekha Vani are the main reason why the film doesnít fall apart to the close. Of course they have the able support of Sivaji Raja, Venu Madhav, Raghubabu too. Other actors like, Ali, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagavan too bring their kinds of entertainment. Vinod Kumar tries to get a lot of respect for his role as the elder brother of the protagonist.

What is bad: The story of the Babloo, except for few comical situations isnít too new. There are quite a few episodes that are boring in the first half. Nothing encapsulates the movie better than the Ďaids awarenessí episode where the hero confuses heroine to be a prostitute, and heroine confuses the hero to be Ďa regular visitor to red light areasí! There will be many who will find the episode worth laughing, and there will be others who will also wonder, why the writers had to fall back on Ďsuch kindí of an episode! Ditto with the film, because the number of bloopers, will outnumber the number of forced comic situations.

Technical Departments : Because the music from Chakri is pretty average, and because neither Mano Tej nor Adithi are great dancers, the songs donít look too great. Art work, visual effects and editing are just about ok, as the director isnít too keen on the characterís emotions. Instead he was worried about making a commercial film. He should be thanking few of his character artists for making it a time pass affair, and saving his, because otherwise the film has nothing special about it.

Bottomline : As long as you want to have a laugh, no matter from where it comes, you can definitely watch Babloo.


123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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