Brindaavanam : NTR lords over Brindavanam
Release date: 14 October 2010
123Telugu.com Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Vamsi Paidipalli
Music Director : Thaman.S
Producer : Dil Raju
Starring : Jr. Ntr, Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha and others...
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NTR Jr has given a sizzling performance as Krish in Brindavanam. Frame after frame he sets the screen alight with his histrionics. It is only is energy levels that entertain the audience in what is unarguably a very lengthy film.

Whatís it about: Brindavanam is a paisa-vasool family, action drama. The story of one hero, two heroines and living happily ever after is as old as time. Having said that director Vamsiís interesting twists in the tale, manage to sustain the interest levels. In one such twist Indu (Samantha) asks her boyfriend Krish to act as a boyfriend for her best friend Bhumi (Kajal Agarwal). This is done in order to avoid Bhumi getting married to her villainous Baava. To fulfill his girlfriendís request, he goes as a boyfriend to Bhumiís house (Brindavanam) in Kurnool. This is the thread from which the director weaves around 170 minutes of film which has every commercial element that a Telugu film is supposed to have. In this lengthy filmathon NTR fights the baddies, woos the ladies, mocks at odd ball characters, inspires his sympathizers and even unites two half-blood brothers (excellent portrayed by Prakash Raj and Sri Hari). In the end he predictably marries both the damsels and becomes the Krishna in Brindavanam

What is Good: NTR Jr and Thamanís music are my top two picks. In a one hero two heroine love story it is always a bonus to have good music. Thaman gives you a few foot-tapping numbers to which NTRís dance moves are guaranteed to set the stage on fire. NTR Jr as Krish fits the bill and lives the part of the delectable lover boy. The others who impressed are Venu Madhav and Brahmanandam. Heroine Samantha surprisingly has a short but meaty role than the more experienced Kajal. Kajal too looks pretty and does her bit as the silent suffering daughter of Peddodu (Prakash Raj). The rivalry between Sri Hari and Prakash Raj is another plus point in the film. Both the actors have given fine performances.

What is bad: Vamisís characterization of Krish is flawed. From the beginning it is evident that Krish (even though in love with Indu) has a soft corner for Bhumi. Another aspect that the director did not concentrate was the villainy. Thanikella Bharani as the chief villain is way too stale. His role is watered down to such an extent that it does not inspire any menace. If in 165 or 170 minutes the director cannot find time to sketch a villainís character it shows to what extent NTRís image has dominated the proceedings. Many of Tollywood directors seem to rely too much on a heroís image to pull the movie through. This is understandable if one is a fan of a hero, but if you are the kind who simply enjoys a good film, you will find this excess builds up of heroism a little bit tiring. And this weakness comes through all the more when the villainy in the film does not demand such an outpouring of heroism.

Tailpiece: Brindavanam is undoubtedly a treat for NTR fans. But Vamsi and Dil Raju have to ask themselves if this is the best they could achieve with the talent of NTR. The answer surely would have to be ďNo.Ē

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123Telugu.com Rating : 3.5/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
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                1 - Stay Away
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