Bumper Offer : Nothing New on Offer Here!!!
Release date: 23rd October 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 2/5
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Director : Jaya Ravindra
Music Director : Raghu Kunche
Producer : Puri Jagannadh
Starring : Bindu Madhavi, Chandra Mohan, Sairam Shankar, Sayaji Shinde, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ali and others ...
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Bumper Offer is another effort by Puri Jagannath to (re)launch his brother Sairam Shankar as a hero and so the entire movie tries very very hard to showcase Sairam but falters miserably due to a predictable story-line and a weak lead actor. This family production has Puri scripting & producing the film where another brother Sriram is the cinematographer and the lead act is by Sairam!!!

What is it about : Sai (Sairam Shankar) is a mechanic from a lower middle class family whose father works for the unscrupulous real estate king Suryanarayana (Sayaji Shinde). Like all good Tollywood heroes, Sai leads a carefree life with his friends until he bumps into Aishwarya (Bindu Madhavi) who is the spoilt and arrogant daughter of Suryanarayana. He promptly flips for her and very soon we have both trying to outsmart each other by literally beating each other up. Then suddenly, Aishwarya realizes that she needs to look beyond bank balances and so falls in love with the poor mechanic. Now the stage is set for a confrontation between the rich father and the poor boy where Sai throws the bumper offer of bringing Suryanarayana down to his level instead of trying to earn as much as him. So the rest of the second half is about how Sai uses different tricks to ruin Suryanarayana’s vast empire and he eventually succeeds.

What is Good: Nothing much to write in this section! Sayaji Shinde puts in good performance and he is supported by others like DVS, Chandramohan and Ali. Bindhu Madhavi puts up a good performance despite her weak characterization of loud spoilt brat and still manages to get noticed. Out of the songs, only Ravullamma and Maikam are remembered despite the mediocre picturisation. There is a good separate comic sub-plot of Ali and Venu Madhav which is spoof on Maghadheera reincarnation angle.

What is bad: The biggest culprit here is the script which has nothing new to offer and moves on quite predictably using all the clichés available. The other weak link is Sairam Shankar who despite many sincere efforts doesn’t click as a “hero” here. He tries emulating Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri character here but fails miserably as he doesn’t have the style or acting skills available to him. His idea of dialogue delivery is to scream them out and there was zero chemistry between him and Bindhu.

Me Thinks: : Give it a miss…. This bumper offer did not have anything new to offer

Tailpiece: Since the story has been written by Puri, you have the mandatory beach song, hero’s first solo number with his friends, fight sequences in by-lanes, smart one liners, aggressive lover boy, etc and so it seems like a rehash of his different movies!!!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2 /5

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