Buridi : Even 25 Tollywood Comedians Can’t Save This!!!
Release date: 30th April 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 2 / 5
Director : E V V Satyanarayana
Music Director : Koti
Producer : Edara Srinivas
Starring : Aryan Rajesh, Aishwarya, Krishna Bhagavan, Chalapathi Rao and others...
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EVV Satyanarayana who churned out many superhit comedies in the late eighties and the nineties comes up with Buridi to (re)launch his son, Aryan Rajesh, whose career hasn’t really taken off unlike his very successful sibling Allari Naresh. EVV ropes in almost twenty-five comedians from Tollywood for Buridi setting up huge expectations from the audience with the end result being a huge disappointment thanks to a non-existent story!!!

What is it about : MS Narayana is a small time rowdy who fools his gang and other people into believing that he is a big mafia don while he is under huge debts in reality. He soon gets a contract by a masked person asking him to kill someone staying in Bangkok’s Hotel Honeymoon. So MS and his side-kick Raghubabu promptly land up in Bangkok only to find that their murder target could be anyone amongst eight different couples staying in rooms 902-909. They start spying on each of the couples only to find that all of them have their own shady flashbacks on the circumstances that lead them to Bangkok. In a parallel track, Rajesh, the hotel manager’s son, is busy trying to impress Aishwarya for no logical reason whatsoever. So after 80% of the screen-time is spent showing all these flashbacks and the non-happening love story, the film moves to a predictable overdrawn end where the masked villain is revealed, all the troubled couples promise to live happily ever-after while the audience walks out with a ‘never-again’ expression!

What is Good: The highlight of the movie is presence of these comedians and some of them live up to expectations like Raghubabu, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan and JP Reddy. Some of the situations and one-liners are funny and make you laugh initially but then it gets repetitive and over-the-top.

What is bad: The biggest let-down is the lack of a story to tie all the characters and situations together. The idea of giving a background story for each of the eight different couples makes it seem disjointed. You get a feeling that you are watching a TV program that is showing comic sequences from different films. Rajesh and Aishwarya seem content to let the comedians carry the film along and this seems the best option given their limited acting abilities. The other departments also contribute to the confusion with some jumpy editing, mediocre music and choreography.

Me Thinks: Give it a miss and wait for Allari Naresh’s movie instead!

Tailpiece: All the characters on screen are given their real names which was quite helpful to know who is who in the Tollywood comedy world is!!!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

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