Release date: 20th May 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 2.75/5
Director : K. Madesh
Music Director : V Harikrishna
Producer : Aditya Babu
Starring : Aditya, Roma, Biyanka Desai and others...
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Aditya Babu produced two Telugu films earlier – ‘Jagadam’ and ‘Arya 2’ – both with clever director Sukumar. He also debuted as an actor producer in Kannada film industry with ‘Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu’ which was a remake of ‘Aadavari Matalaku Ardhaale Verule’. All his films, whether they were hits or not, did garner some attention. This time around he is taking the risk of being an actor producer in Telugu with ‘Chalaki’, a remake of Malayalam film ‘Chocolate’. How far was the risk worth taking?

What’s the Story : Subba Rao (Aditya Babu) is a happy go lucky kid. He picks up fights wherever he sees wrong, and is expelled from different colleges for the same reason. When a college, where his mom works, gives him admission on special request, he is forced to accept admission, even though it is an all girl’ college! Here he meets Subba Laxmi (Swathi), who doesn’t approve of boys being in college. As the fate of events turn around, Both Laxmi and Subbu fall in love, but have issues expressing it to each other. In the mean time Swathi’s marriage is fixed. What happens and how things unfold is the rest of the story.

What is Good: The best thing about the film is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is a light hearted film that follows the path that has been taken by Karunakaran's comedy and unresolved feelings of boy and girl, Trivikram's punch dialogues. There are also few jokes that can be definitely called Adult, but something that don’t cross the line too much!

Aditya Babu worked with Sukumar and must have picked up some lessons about films and heroes. He doesn’t get ahead of himself as an action hero or a complete boy next door! A few scenes are taken from hit films exactly to explain this point, there by establishing what he isn’t. Instead he concentrates more on how to attract his target audiences – predominantly college going students, both boys and girls. He does some funny things –like wearing a skirt or riding a bike with Lord Krishna’s make up! He also looks cute as a boy in class 10th! For a new comer these are enough chances for him and the audiences to get used to his screen presence.

Bianca Desai appears in the second half, and while her character has little to do with the film, she uses complete Bookish Telugu (granthika Telugu) as normal language. This does generate a few laughs, and encourages usage of Telugu language more!

The climax scene that happens on stage in the play of Devdas is funny but manages to evoke a few emotions.

What is bad: The story doesn’t have anything new except that a boy joins girls college. The rest of the story meanders along to showcase how girls can rag boy, and follows films like Khushi, Ullasanga Utsahanga etc. The last half an hour of the film drags along until someone seriously decides that there has to be an ending.

Brahmanadnam is wasted, and so are few other character or comedy artists.The emotional scenes seemed quite amateurish.

Technical Departments: The production values of all the songs are good. Music by Hari Krishna is entertaining and rerecording is adequate. The best part of the songs is most of them they take the story forward. ialogues are funny, though not all are clean.

The screenplay doesn’t follow any specific reasoning as to why a happy go lucky kid is so violent, or why the parents allow admission to a single boy, or almost all the girls in the college see the boy with wicked eyes, except the heroine and her gang!

Even for a fun film, there is a logic, and Director Madhesh K will need more films to prove his creative talent follows acceptable reasoning.

Bottomline: This film is for those who are looking for some pastime, and it won’t disappoint them. It knows its audience and plays to them well. This might surely gain some attention, like all previous films of Aditya Babu!

P.S: The hero loves to call himself Villian, and there is a sticker on his bike mentioning the word – if read closely, it sounds like the name of a famous underwear? One hopes this was intentional mistake because there are lots of jokes about underwear in the film!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2.75 /5

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