Clash of the Titans :Visually Stunning
Release date: 2nd April 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 3.5/5
Director : Louis Leterrier
Music Director : Ramin Djawadi,Neil Davidge
Producer : Basil Iwanyk,Kevin De La Noy,Richard D. Zanuck
Starring : Sam Worthington,Alexa Davalos,Danny Huston and others...
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‘Clash of the Titans’, directed by Louis Leterrier is inspired from Greek myth of Perseus. Produced by Warner Bros. this $70 million project, turns out to be a visual feast thanks to the slick CGI. The film has Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes in lead roles. It narrates the myth of Perseus, a demi-God and the battle between Gods and Mortals.

What is it about : Sam Worthington stars as Perseus, a demi-God who’s adopted by fishermen when he’s found floating in the sea. Few years later, during his mortal family’s first visit to the Kingdom of Argos, the men invoke God’s wrath by demolishing a state of Zeus, the King of Gods. This act of men angers Hades, the God of Underworld and in turn he kills all the soldiers and Perseus’ mortal family too. Perseus is saved by few soldiers from the army of Argos. Meanwhile, Hades argues with Zeus and other Gods that men have forgotten the Gods and need to be taught a lesson. Zeus gives him permission to wreck havoc on men. When the King of Argos proclaims that the age of men has begun, Hades warns them that their civilization will be wiped out in 10 days but gives them a route to escape the wrath of Gods. What’s this escape route? How does Perseus realize he’s a demi-God? Will the Kingdom of Argos escape the impending threat? That forms the rest of the story of this film with loads of CGI.

What is Good: The only things worth talking about are the visual effects and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in the film. Practically, it fills up almost 80% of the film. The film boasts of spectacular visual effects and it lives up to the expectations. There are quite a few well composed terrifying battles between Men and monsters which pop up out of nowhere. Watch out for those epic battles between Perseus and huge scorpions, Perseus vs Medusa! Of the star cast, Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes are impressive, although their characterization is poorly etched.

What is bad: The film falls short of being a completely engaging film something which few other epic dramas like Lord of the Ring (LOTR) and Troy have achieved to a great extent. The film’s biggest drawback is the dialogues which are hardly inspiring or engaging. Quite a few actors utter dialogues without an iota of expression on their faces, even when they are about to die. Further, the whole setting of Mount Olympus, home of Zeus and other Gods is cheesy and they look as if dressed for a fancy dress competition! And the climax is the film’s biggest anti-climax and it all just ends too easily. If only, there was one last epic battle!

Bottomline: ‘Clash of the Titans’ isn’t intelligent cinema and it never tries to be either. For a run time of almost 120 minutes, the film has ample moments to give you goosebumps, terrifying battles and slick CGI. So, does it make a paisa vasool film? YES! It’s a dumb film, but good fun at the same time. It’s like Scorpion King, Troy and every other epic film you can imagine all mixed into one film. The final result is, well, a film which lacks soul but visually stunning. Go watch it. It would be a better idea if you read a bit about Greek Mythology and the legend of Perseus on the internet. Atleast that would give you a glimpse of how imaginative and interesting Greek Mythology is!

P.S: I sincerely wish Cinema Halls give up the concept of ‘Interval’ for such films! It breaks the flow and hampers the viewer experience.

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123Telugu.com Rating : 3.5 /5

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