Dookudu : Mahesh Babu all the way
Release date:23 September 2011.
123telugu.com Rating : As we are the official media partners for Dookudu, it is not in the right spirit to rate a movie that we have promoted. Hence, we are just writing our opinion of the movie. Read it, enjoy it and watch Dookudu
Director : Srinu Vytla
Music Director : Thaman S
Producer : Achanta Gopinath, Achanta Ramu, Anil Sunkara
Starring : Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Brahmanandam, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood, Abhimanyu singh, Nazar, Sayaji Shinde and others...
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Prince Mahesh Babu's 'Dookudu' has hit the screens today amidst unprecedented hype and expectations. The movie is the most expensive in Mahesh Babu's career and it comes at a time when the Telugu Film Industry desperately needs a commercial blockbuster. Let us see how this film which was directed by Sreenu Vytla fares.

 Dookudu Story: Ajay (Mahesh Babu) is a dynamic young cop with the Mumbai Police. He is daring and dashing and goes after the Mumbai Mafia in a big way. The Mafia is headed by Nayak Bhay (Sonu Sood) and his brothers. As a series of clashes and confrontations take place between the police and the Mafia, this chase leads him to Turkey and that is where he falls in love with Prasanthi (Samantha), who is the daughter of his superior officer Nasser.

Meanwhile, another aspect of Ajay's life begins to take centre- stage when his long comatose father Shankar Narayana (Prakash Raj) wakes up. Shankar Narayana's coma is the result of an accident. In his prime, Shankar Narayana was a dynamic leader and a die hard fan of Sr. NTR. He was powerful and lived for the good of his people and he expects Ajay to be the same.

Afraid that Shankar Narayana might lapse into a coma if his expectations are not met, Ajay hatches a plan with the help of his associates to keep his father happy. At the same time, the Mumbai Mafia Don Nayak and Shankar Narayana share a past. What is that past? What does Ajay do to ensure his father's happiness? And how does Ajay succeed in eliminating the bad guys? That is the crux of the story.

Performances: Mahesh Babu turns in a superb performance. He looks stunningly handsome as always and his Telangana dialect has received enthusiastic response from the crowds. Some actors overpower you into submission with their sheer charm and Mahesh Babu is one of them. His comedy timing is a revelation in this movie and he succeeds in making the audience laugh. His comedy scenes with Brahmanandam and M.S. Narayana stand out for their sheer entertainement value. His dialogues are good and punchy and have the required mass appeal.

Samantha looks good and acts well, but she hardly has any role in the movie. She appears just a few minutes before a song is due and leaves a few minutes after the song is over. But the screen chemistry between Mahesh and Samantha is a treat to watch.

Sreenu Vytla's strength is comedy. He has a knack for bringing the best out of Brahmanandam and in Dookudu its no different. Brahmanandam is terrific as the landlord who is hell bent on making his mark as an actor. The way he requests the 'audience' for an sms vote is just way too hilarious. Brahmanandam is a major asset to this movie.

M.S.Narayana is way too good as the wannabe Hero Bokka Venkateswara Rao. His spoofs on Charan's Magadheera, NTR's Yamadonga, Balayya's Simha and Rajni's Robo are downright hilarious. Brahmaji is good in the limited role that he has. One wonders why he doesn't get more full length characters.

Prakash Raj is good as the powerful local leader Shankar Narayana. Sonu Sood, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Shayaji Shinde are decent. Other actors like Chandra Mohan, Tanikella Bharani,master Bharath, Pragathi, Vennela Kishore and Nasser do their bits well. Subba Raju is wasted.

Parvati Melton looks hot in the item song 'Poovai Poovai'.

Technical Departments : Thaman's music is good and the background score is pretty decent. Guruvaram, Dethadi and Nee Dookudu have been shot well. Poovai Poovai is ok but not as good to see as it sounds. Cinematography by Guhan is pretty good but there were some inconsistencies in the DI work. Editing is fine.

Fights and dances were choreographed well. There are a good number of gunfights and fist fights to keep the fans and front benchers happy. Dialogues are very good and keep the proceedings interesting. Sreenu Vaitla deserves a pat for the good comedy scenes but a tighter screenplay in the second half would have really worked wonders.

Analysis and Verdict: Dookudu is a commercial Mahesh Babu entertainer all the way and is a must watch for fans. Regular movie going crowds and families will enjoy the superb comedy in the first half. Second half proceeds a little slowly and the movie is long at almost 2hrs 50minutes. But a brilliant blitzkrieg at the end by Brahmanandam and gang will liven up the proceedings again. .Brahmanandam and M.S.Narayana will stay with you a long time after you walk out of the theater. Watch it for the fantastic comedy and for Mahesh Babu's stupendous performance.


123telugu.com Rating : As we are the official media partners for Dookudu, it is not in the right spirit to rate a movie that we have promoted. Hence, we are just writing our opinion of the movie. Read it, enjoy it and watch Dookudu

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