Eenadu: An Engaging Thriller
Release date: 18th September 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 3.5 / 5
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Director : Chakri Toleti
Music Director : Shruti Haasan
Producer : Kamal Hassan, Ronnie Screwala and Kumar Babu G
Starring : Kamal Hassan, Venkatesh, Poonam Kaur, Lakshmi and others ...
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There is a proverb in China which says, “A spark can start a fire that burns the entire prairie”. A spark is all we need to start mending our lives and one fine day, life changes. So what happens when a common man starts mending his life? What happens when he loses his patience? The answer to some of these questions forms the basis of Chakri Toleti’s “Eenadu” starring Venkatesh and Kamal Hassan. It’s an engaging, edge of the seat thriller which deserves to be seen with great intent.

What is it about : The film stars Venkatesh as Hyderabad’s Police Commissioner, Eshwar Prasad who receives a phone call from an anonymous person (played by Kamal Hassan) demanding the release of four dreaded terrorists. The caller threatens Eshwar Prasad that if he doesn’t comply with the demands, a series of bomb blasts will rock the city. Further he guides a police team to a nearby police station, where he has already planted a bomb to make his intentions clear. The Commissioner, in this hapless condition, relents to all the demands of the anonymous caller. The series of negotiations seem to be going fine, but then a choice changes the whole equation.

What is Good: Written by Neeraj Pandey, “Eenadu” has breathtaking pace throughout its narration. A sense of urgency is ubiquitous in everything that occurs on screen. The film also owes its impact to a sensible and sensational portrayal of both Venkatesh and Kamal Hassan. While Venkatesh is at his usual best in the role of a cop; Kamal Hassan’s portrayal of a common man is the focal point of the entire story. The whole drama follows the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, with every phone call from Kamal changing the whole equation which hits a crescendo towards the end. Both these actors are wonderfully supported by Dr.Bharat Reddy and Ganesh Venkataraman, both enacting as cops in Commissioner’s office.

What is bad: The film is the remake of “A Wednesday” and comparison with the original film is inevitable. “Eenadu”, although for most part, retains the essence of the original flick but doesn’t quite create that same dramatic impact. Too many scenes have a problem with the lip synchronization. Lakshmi's role as the Chief Secretary is a little half baked. Poonam Kaur’s role is completely forgotten after a point of time.

Technical Departments: “Eenadu” is a technically flawless film except for the patchy work in dubbing. Manoj Soni’s cinematography captures the mood and pace of the film with magnificence. Shruthi Hassan’s debut as a music director couldn’t have been more sensational. She packs a punch with her explosive background score which provides an extra dose of adrenaline to the story. Editing by Rameshwar Bhagwat is top notch in keeping this film engaging throughout. Neelakanta who wrote some of the most thought provoking dialogues in recent times also infuses some subtle comedy. Debutant director, Chakri Toleti owes a great deal to the brilliant story written by Neeraj Pandey. He religiously follows the footsteps of Neeraj Pandey and ensures that the film stands out rather than being just another thriller.

Me Thinks: Eenadu is the kind of film, especially the theme, which comes once in a blue moon. It’s a film marked with anger and frustration of a tortured soul written all over it. A thought provoking tale of a common man, Eenadu is a splendid tale of conscience, the choices we make and above all, life itself.

Tailpiece: If you have seen the original flick in Hindi, don’t reveal the story. If not, go watch “Eenadu” today. It’s a wonderful film which promises some edge of the seat action.

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