Evaraina Epudaina - Varun scores a hat trick!!!
Release date: 26 June 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 3/5
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Director : Marthand K Shankar
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Producer : M.Sharvanan
Starring : Varun Sandesh,Vimala Raman,Giri Babu, Ali, Kota Srinivas Rao, Venu Madhav...
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Evaraina Eppudaina has all the signs of becoming Varun Sandesh’s third successive hit after Happy Days & Kotha Bangaru Lokam. Like his earlier movies, it has the right ingredients of a decent storyline with enough twists, good clean comedy, catchy songs and the tried test love-story as the base. This movie will definitely appeal to the college crowd while also pulling in the family audiences.

What is it about : Venkat (Varun) is introduced as a self-centered, street-smart youngster who believes in “living for himself”. This philosophy changes as soon as he sets his eyes on Madhu (Vimla Raman) who is quite mature as a philanthropist who runs an old-age home. Varun woos her with total enthusiasm resulting in a lot of comic situations. Soon, due to his misunderstanding of a situation concerning Madhu’s sister, he ends up creating a conflict within Madhu’s family. The second half of the movie is all about trying to set things right while trying to win Madhu’s heart and also set right the villains who have their eyes on the old-age home land. In a slightly overdrawn and overdue climax, everything falls into place with everyone living happily ever after.

What is Good: The best part of the film is the high entertainment value it provides. The first half is quite fast-paced with Varun providing quite a few laughs with his one-liners and comic acts. The film belongs to him and he pulls it through with his enthusiasm. He is well-supported by the rest of the cast including Vimla and Ali. The songs are pleasant and well-paced across the film while the fight scenes are kept at a minimum. The comedy is clean without resorting to double meaning dialogues.

What is bad: If the last 30 minutes in the movie had been trimmed and the loose ends tied up quicker, it would have helped since the audience got a bit restless at that point. The lead pair seemed mismatched with Vimla looking much older in contrast to Varun’s boyish looks. The villainous sub-plot seemed forced into the script with Kota Srinivas Rao getting wasted in an ill-sketched role.

Me Thinks: Evaraina Eppudaina will definitely click with the audiences since it is a good timepass flick that will appeal across diverse audiences.

Tailpiece: Watching the scrawny Varun single-handedly beating up a bunch of rowdies is hilarious esp. when he sends them flying across the room with his punches & kicks. He definitely needs a lot of muscles before his next release if he wants to look convincing!!!

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