Fitting Master
Release date: 14 January 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 3/5
Director : E V V Satyanarayana
Music Director : Chinna
Producer : E V V Satyanarayana
Starring : Naresh, Madhalsa Sharma, Chandramohan, Sudha, Vizag Prasad, Pavithra, Shiyaji Shinde, Ali ...
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E.V.V.Satyanarayana is back again with his typical comedy and overdosed sentiment kind of story line, with a strong 'no love' message. The surpise element being the idea to potray Allari Naresh as an action hero. Despite being a good comedy, the movie is unusually long.

What is it about : Sampath, our fitting master (Allari Naresh) is a gym coach who hates love and leaving parents for love. Our heroine is this arrogant young rich lady, who first hates hero and then begins to love him when he saves her through a fight. However, our hero is anti-love. While this is on one side, you see the other part of the hero - he murders two people and is on the way to do a third. One of the murdered happens to be heroine's brother. As she realises hero's real side and asks him an explanation, hero begins his flashback, explaining the reason for his acts. The film concludes with hero's class to heroine on "love parents. Don't leave them for someone".

What is Good: Comedy is decent and good enough. There are lots of comedy tracks - of hero's friends, of Ali-Jayaprakash Reddy-Chalapathi Rao,of Shinde among others. Allari Naresh does a good job. Shinde murders most of the tunes he sings in the movie, but then, dialogues are well written. Songs, though unnecessary are all well picturised. All the scenaries are visually appealing. Allari Naresh performs to his best in action scenes and sentiment scenes. From a critic's point of view, Allari Naresh trying to do the Balakrishna acts at Durgam Cheruvu should have been a "bad" thing. However, all those scenes were immensely comical. The satire on TV channels was very much enjoyable.

What is bad: Its too long to bear sitting in a theatre, since you can't fast forward. Naresh does not suit that macho man image that EVV tries to give to his hero. Imagine Naresh hitting 10s of rowdies hard, without a single bruise on himself. Enough background is provided saying that he is a gym coach and all, but, there should be some physical proof that he is capable of so many fights, right? He also looks uncomfortable in dance sequences. Rao Ramesh, though in a brief role, appears too old for the role. Its not just about appearance. He is just practically too old to play a guy in his 20s. There is this over-dose of sentiment which is generally seen in EVV's movies. There are just too many scenes where the hero gets too preachy. I doubt if the movie is a classroom session on "say no to love".

Me Thinks:Its a decent movie. However, its better enjoyable at home, where there are either advertisement breaks on TV or you can fast forward in your VCD player. Comedy is good and I don't mind watching those scenes again. The first half especially is very much enjoyable. The second half drags down, with excessive sentiment. It was good to see some element of comedy and satire even in serious situations.

Tailpiece: Naresh has to think about his dance movements and if his physique suits an action hero. Watch the movie if you want some timepass and have nothing to do. If you are a die hard comedy fan, watch for the first half. EVV needs to change his sentiment drama strategy, to make a more watchable movie. If a message needs to be conveyed, the issue should be looked in to from different angles, not a unidirectional one.

- Pasya  
123Telugu.com Rating :3/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
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