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Updated 09 :57 PM

The function has come to an end. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the event folks. Keep following for exclusive and reliable updates about Telugu Movies.

Updated 09 :55 PM

Pawan Kalyan has taken the mike and fans explode with whistles and claps. "I always try to entertain you all and I have worked very hard for this movie as well. We worked as a team for this movie and I hope Gabbar Singh is a huge hit"

Updated 09 :41 PM

Chiranjeevi says "Gabbar Singh Raccha Racche! This movie will give Pawan a superhit. Pawan has experimented with different types of cinema and they may not have been successful. But Gabbar Singh is a 100% mass entertainer that will entertain fans"

Updated 09 :40 PM

Megastar Chiranjeevi is speaking! "All actors wait eagerly for fans claps and admiration.It is indeed a poorva janma sukrutham to have so much admiration from fans. Wealth is easy to earn but admiration can't be earned by everyone. I am thankful to all fans"

Updated 09 :30 PM

Megastar Chiranjeevi is on the stage along with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Naga Babu. The sight is a treat for fans. The roar in the auditorium is mind blowing

Updated 09 :18 PM

Theatrical trailer is superb. And the last part where Pawan comes in on the horse is fantastic.

Updated 09 :13PM

Harish Shankar and Producer Ganesh Babu have come on to the stage to unveil the theatrical trailer of the film.

Updated 09 :00 PM

A special AV clip on Power Star Pawan Kalyan is being shown on screen.

Updated 8 :56 PM

Brahmi is on stage to speak a few words. He says Gangleader cinema celebrated 100days function in three centers and he expects the same with Gabbar Singh. Ali joins Brahmi on stage and there is laughter from all corners.

Updated 8 :42 PM

Devi Sri has elevated the function to a new level with his live stage are loving it..Its DSP mania out here now

Updated 8 :28PM

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is on stage to unveil the next song

Updated 8 : 19 PM

'Dil Se' is the song which is being unveiled on stage by Dil Raju

Updated 8 : 12 PM

Nagababu is on stage to unveil the song 'Mandu Babulu' on stage.

Updated 8 : 12 PM

Suma asks Megastar Chiranjeevi to utter the dialogue "Nakonchem Tikkondhi,," and the auditorium goes wild with delight. Chiranjeevi says the dialogue in his style and Pawan enjoys himself completely

Updated 7 : 58 PM

Stylish Star Allu Arjun has come into the venue. Sreenu Vaitla has been invited on to the stage to unveil the second song

Updated 7 : 51 PM

Megastar Chiranjeevi's presence at function is awesome..remember we broke the news many days ago :) Very happy to see 3 brothers together

Updated 7 : 44 PM

Shyam Prasad Reddy garu is on stage to launch the first song. Brahmanandam has come in.

Updated 7 : 40 PM

Megastar Chiranjeevi is here! And there is no end to the delight of fans.. Defeaning roar and huge whistles from all over the hall. Nagababu has also come in

Updated 7 : 34 PM

Shruti Haasan has come in as well and she looks stunningly beautiful in a pink saree.

Updated 7 : 32 PM

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has made his way into the venue and the hall just explodes with whistles and claps..There is a scramble among the guests to meet him and greet him.

Updated 7 : 25 PM

Another dance performance by Sagar, madhurya and troupe. Medley of Pawan's super hit songs

Updated 7 : 18 PM

Devi Sri Prasad has made his way into the venue and he is being given a very warm welcome by fans. Kota Srinivasa Rao has also come in .

Updated 7 : 12 PM

Comedy Skit is being performed on stage

Updated 7 : 10 PM

Producer Shyam Prasad Reddy, Gemini Kiran and some political leaders have just come into the venue.

Updated 7 : 07 PM

Sathya master's troupe is performing Pawan's hit songs on stage

Updated 7 : 00 PM

Suma is anchoring the event and she is entertaining fans in a big way. Guests are coming in one by one

Updated 6 : 53 PM

Director Harish Shankar, Ali and Sreenu Vaitla have made their way into the venue. Pawan songs are still being played on screen and fans are having a great time

Updated 6 : 47 PM

Producer Ganesh Babu is trying his best to make the event a grand success. He is personally taking care of arrangements at the venue. Ram - Lakshman brothers have made their way to the venue.

Updated 6 : 41 PM

Guests are slowly making their way in to the hall.Panjaa producer Neelima Thirumalasetty is here. Huge crowds are waiting outside the venue. People dressed in Common Man Protection Force are being seen in huge numbers. Interesting..

Updated 6 : 36 PM

A montage of Pawan's scenes and songs are being played on screen and fans are going wild with delight

Updated 6 : 30 PM

Hello Folks. We are going to bring you live updates from the audio launch function of Gabbar Singh in a few minutes. Keep watching this space for more updates

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