15 January , Hyderabad.

First Day First Show Updates - Golconda High School

 Golkonda High School

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Updated at 12:45 PM

Game over. Watch out for our review.

Updated at 12:35 PM

All the theater gets tense in the final match. Claps for few twists and dialogues.

Updated at 12:25 PM

As expected speech time. Intense.

Updated at 12:20 PM

Final song now. Lots of drama.

Updated at 12:10 PM

We now have the drama before final game.

Updated at 12:05 PM

The cricketing scenes are captivating. Another song in the background.

Updated at 11:45 AM

Second half gets griping narrative right from the start.

Updated at 11:35 AM

Thatís the interval. The boys and cricket manage to keep the interest. Malikís background works well too. The second half needs to be faster.

Updated at 11:25 AM

The romantic angle between mostly because of Swathi. Second song now. Shot decently without hungama.

Updated at 11:15 AM

The first cricket game draws everyone into it.

Updated at 11:10 AM

Dialogues and funny situations keep the entertainment quotient up.

Updated at 10:55 AM

Enter kids. Introduction to each student. It gets entertaining.

Updated at 10:50 AM

The hook is set. Story begins to move.

Updated at 10:45 AM

Malikís rerecording work as Swathi makes a cute entry.

Updated at 10:40 AM

Enter Sumanth. Filmy entrance but sensible.

Updated at 10:30 AM

Movie starts now with the first song in the background and stills of lots of kids at schools.

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