Golimaar : Bang on Target!!
Release date: 27th May 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 3.25/5
Director : Puri Jagannath
Music Director : Chakri
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Starring : Gopichand, Priyamani, Nassar, Roja Selvamani and others...
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Puri Jagannath is known to elevate the protagonists in his film in a way no other director does. And hero Gopichand plays his character with great intensity. That is exactly why ‘Golimaar’, in Puri – Gopichand combination gains interest. The fact that this story is inspired by an encounter specialist Daya Nayak makes it all the more interesting.

What’s the Story : Gangaram (Gopichand), an orphan raised by M.S. Narayana always craves to be a Police Officer and he becomes one. His intensity, dedication and straight forwardness gains him respect from his seniors and soon he starts running a cell that specializes in killing the gang members of two gangs – Talwar Gang and Khaled Gang. How does this honest police officer try to get on top of these gangs forms the rest of the story.

What is Good: The film draws from a lot of Ram Gopal Varma’s films, especially ‘Satya’ ‘Company’ and ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ (RGV’s production house)! But where it separates itself from them is how the ingredients of a commercial Telugu film – dialogues, songs, love story, guns, and twists - are utilized to make this character study an interesting film.

Gopichand’s intensity is already proven and his acting abilities are used to the maximum in this film. His love interest Pavitra Priyamani) doesn’t hinder the film’s flow. Infact her character lends subtext to the film - Why a girl hating police falls for one? Welcome to the subtle subtext Tollywood.

But what is noticeable though is how Puri's heroines who generally are dumb ('Idiot','Pokiri' or 'Bujjigadu'), are coming to their own from 'Ek Niranjan'. They have a life, and their life isn't only dependent on the hero, much like Sekhar Kammula's heroines.

Priyamani’s constant talking into her mobile to a certain Gopi is rib-tickling, and this thread continues to entertain the audiences even in the climax of the film! Looks like Puri must have taken this thread leaf out of SS Rajamouli's films! Also there are emotional scenes that come in from where you least expect them.

Priymani keeps her act decent, and Roja plays a character where she showcases her histrionics well. Ali, in a very small role and Nazar as a Police Officer do well too.

The fast pace of the film is an asset to it.

What is bad: To be honest the pace of the film hardly allows you to notice bad scenes if there are any, but this is the intelligence of the director. However, in order to showcase the smartness of its lead protagonist, the film portrays both police officers and mafia leaders as plain stupid in more than one scene.

Also if you have seen Pokiri and are a huge fan of RGV films mentioned above, you wouldn't mind telling yourself that you have seen more than good part of the film!

And while Chakri’s music is enjoyable, atleast two songs are straight copies of world hit numbers. Question here is - does anyone acknowledge them?

Technical Departments: Sham K Naidu’s cinematography is terrific in action sequences, especially those that involve a gun. For a moment you will wish you had a gun with you!

Rerecording is appreciable. Dialouges carry the punch that Puri might have missed in his last film.

Though it doesn’t matter a lot, a scene in which there are a few ‘sms’ exchanged between characters and the way they are presented on screen does mean that Telugu cinema is trying to ape Hollywood better.

Bottomline: Most Telugu action films portray the hero as a morally right person. While ‘Golimaar’ does that too, it takes a more practical approach. Just look at the way how an inspector deals with a ‘brothel’ case. The puns on Media, Police and some international gangsters are so good you would be so verily enjoying them that you would miss the point!

Another good thing about the film is its director Puri Jagannath. Looks like he is not afraid of sub-text, nor giving some character to his heroine. Go ahead Puri, we hope your 'Business' and 'Budda' actually happen!

If you could call ‘Desperado’ a stylish take on a ‘Western Spaghetti’, you could as well call this film a typical 'Telugu Film Style' take on a cop story! Go watch it, why miss the ‘gun and pun’ fun?

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123Telugu.com Rating : 3.25 /5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
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