Gunde Jhallumandi interval daaka.....
Release date: 12 September 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 3/5
Director : Madan
Music Director : M M Keeravani
Producer : Paruchuri Siva Ramprasad
Starring : Uday Kiran, Aditi Sharma, Ali, Venu Madhav, Srinivasa Reddy, Ahuti Prasad, Ajay...
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Director Madan earlier made Pellaina Kothalo which was a decent hit. The film had some good comedy, some silly scenes, some romance tilting towards the risque side but it was decent on the whole. Gunde Jhallumandi has some good comedy, some silly scenes, some romance tilting towards the risque side AND it has some completely unnecessary action sequences that kind of spoil the ending, but is decent on the whole!

What is it about: Balraj (Uday Kiran) wants to become the President of his village, but the village rules say that the president should be a graduate. So, Balraj comes to the city to study BA. Neelima (Aditi Sharma) is a degree student who does not want to fall in love and hence creates a fictitious boy friend character by name Rajesh. She uses this ploy to keep the guys away. The two meet in the city and the obvious happens. How love overcomes all obstacles forms the plot.

What is Good: The comedy in the first half and for some time in the second half. The film's script runs along the lines of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom with both the leads creating characters of their boy/ girlfriends. The love story is also decent. Uday Kiran acts well, but looks bloated. Newcomer Aditi Sharma is not doll like, but thankfully she can show a few feelings on her face as opposed to a lot of other newcomers these days. The supporting cast do a competent job, with Ajay and Ahuti Prasad getting slightly better footage than the others. Venu Madhav's comedy track was decent. The production values are good and the film is technically sound. The screenplay of the film is not one of convenience and no loose threads are left anywhere. Srinivas Reddy's cameo is hilarious.

What is bad: Some of the college scenes in the first half are completely juvenile and silly and the action sequences also appear forced. The climax is weak. The music, both songs and background score, sound loud and do not complement the soft love story that the director envisioned. The climax is definitely the weak link in the film. Madan would have done well if he had just left the film as a romantic comedy instead of inserting an action angle.

Me Thinks: A decent one time watch if you can excuse the climax. As I mentioned earlier, this is again like Pellaina Kothalo with a few fights. Might have a okay run in the state if the new releases coming in do not do too well.

Tailpiece: Madan definitely has some sentiment where in he has to have a scene with an old man and old woman romancing. This film has around 4 old couples jiving merrily to a dance number and while it might not be to everyone's taste, the director sure likes it!

- Chantabbai  
123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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