Release date: 7th May 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 2/5
Director : B.V.Ramana
Music Director : Koti
Producer : Kamalakar
Starring : Sandhya, Kamalakar, Giri Babu and others...
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Tamil actress Sandhya gained a few fans for herself in Telugu for her performances in Premisthe and as Pawan Kalyanís sister in Annavaram. Her new film Hasini seems like a female oriented film. It is directed by B. V. Ramana, who started off his career with Paape Naa Pranam. How good is his forthcoming film, read through.

Whatís it about: Hasini (Sandhya), who is a happy go lucky girl meets Kamal (Kamalakar) on train. Due to some confusion created by Ali, Hasini loses her bag, and Kamal loses a diamond ring. Hasini lands up at Kamalís home in a village and tries to get her bag back. Kamalís family members assume that Hasini is Kamalís girl friend. They treat her extremely well.

In the mean time, Kamal, who is about to propose to sultry Sony (Aphiya), is ashamed that he lost a valuable ring. As he returns to his village heís shocked to see Hasini and fails to convince his family members that he doesnít know her. But Hasini continues to stay at his home searching for the bag. Why she is so adamant about that bag, and how the family members come to know the truth forms the rest of the story.

What is Good: Sandhya, who did more traditional roles in her past films, tries to add a touch of glamour to her character. More often than not she succeeds. Of course she acts well and tries to carry the film on her shoulders. All comedy actors seem to give their best. The spoof on Arundhathi does give way to some smiles.

What is bad: The story is bascially a family entertainer, but almost all characters except that of Sandhya are treated shabbily. As a result we get to see too many contrived scenes, too many cinematic liberties, sometimes unnecessarily sentimental dialogues, and comedy that doesnít create laughs! The list goes on.

Technical Departments: B.V.Ramanaís screenplay has too many loopholes. By the time a twist in the tale happens with the entry of two new characters we know where the film is ending! Kotiís music is the only saving grace for this film.

P.S: Finally, it takes passion, efforts and pain to finish a film. We hope that the cast and crew of the film use it as a stepping stone for their success in the future.

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

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