Inception : That happens in your dreams
Release date: 16th July 2010
Director : Christopher Nolan
Music Director : Hans Zimmer
Producer : Christopher Nolan Emma Thomas
Starring : Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine and others...

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Dream Rules: Welcome to the dream game! The rules are simple

a) we could have dreams inside a dream

b) we feel the pain when we are injured but simply wake up when we jump off a building or shoot ourselves or simply put, we just don’t die

c) there is a limbo state in a dream, from where we cannot comeback easily

Now here is the actual challenge. If a specialized guy enters our dreams all we have to do is wake up, or simply be extremely careful from manipulation or theft of our subconscious! If the entrant steals our thought, we lose, and if you can keep it you win.

But the guy who can enter our dreams needs a huge technical team, who are capable in some of the most demanding subjects of heist, and if possible he can change the game’s rules as and when he wants!

Oh, by the way the name of the game is ‘Inception’, and it has been created by ace film director Christopher Nolan!

Not a ‘Heist Game in Dreams’: But saying the above, and typecasting it as a 'heist game in dreams-movie' is simply ridiculous as you will realize when you will see ‘Inception’! Yes there are mind blowing stunts; yes there are more than stunning visual effects, but more than that ‘Inception’ is a study of human minds, the simplicities and the escapisms!

What we have in the film is Cobb, who can’t get over his dead wife, and what he actually does is stealing important secrets from human minds, by manipulating his way into their dreams along with his team. And he does that for some big corporations of the world! So when he is hired by a new client, not to steal but to ‘incept’ an idea into someone’s mind, Cobb agrees. His reasons are better watched and heard on the screen, but his team is worth talking about.

Leonardo di Caprio manages his role as Cobb well, irrespective of whether he completely understood Nolan’s plot. He better do some romantic comedy otherwise it will be tough to imagine him without his taut lips, raised brows and mysteriously lost eyes. Ellen Page as Ariadne brings the innocence she found in ‘Juno’, and shares it with the experience of Cobb’s team. Leo’s team almost takes away the cake from him at some ‘levels’, each becoming a hero at one or the other point of time!

A journey into the world of memory, dreams and more: When this team delves with the intent on planting a serious idea into Fishcher (Cillian Murphy), each of the dreams in dreams in dream offers a new challenge, delving deeper into the myriad world of mind, memory, dreams, guilt.

It isn’t the first time that Nolan touched the topics – ‘Memento’, ‘Following’, ‘Prestige’, ‘The Dark Knight’ etc are just the visual side of this emotionally creative man. Even this time around there is a wife / girl at stake, but never before had Nolan raised the question more seriously – do we belong to someone’s dream. It is an intelligent question to ask, but too dim to find an answer to. How and why the universe plants, oops incepts, a dream only it should know, but what that simple inception does to our little subconscious minds is something we will never know, even if we want to.

‘Inception’ is a universe in itself: ‘Inception’ is a universe in itself that does the same with us. Its plot is just an excuse to make a film. If you are looking for one you will miss the fun the of enjoying a mid air – zero gravity fight, a train ramming in a LA like city, mirrors in the middle of another huge city and the simple thought of a ‘lift’ as a vehicle down the rabbit’s hole of dreams and fears.

Somewhere deep in our minds we just want the movie to continue even though knowing that we have to get to the real world. The various worlds in the movie are so convincing that we might as well want to stay in one. Before going into the movie you could ask ’whose subconscious are we now going into’ but after watching it you will say ‘whose subconscious did we go into’ and each will find a different answer. ‘Inception’ does manage to do that to you!

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