Inkosaari : A picnic goes wrong!
Release date: 26th Feb 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 2.5/5
Director : Suman Pathuri
Music Director : Mahesh Shankar
Producer : Kalyan Palla
Starring : Raja, Manjari, Richa and Others...
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‘Inkosaari’ is a film which promised to be fully loaded with fun and friendship and it delivers its promise to some extent but with a twist. The film has Raja, Manjari, Richa, Ravi Verma, Sandip and Kishore in lead roles. Directed by Suman Pathuri, the film has been written by Raj, DK who had earlier made films such as ‘Flavours’ and ‘99’. Kalyan Palla has produced the film on ‘Bay Movies’ banner. The film narrates the story of six friends who meet after a gap of seven years after graduating from college.

What is it about : Ajay (Raja), Shruti (Manjari), Bala (Kishore), Deepa (Richa), Sudhakar (Ravi Verma) and Vicky (Sandip) are like any other gang in college. When they are at the brink of graduating from college, Vicky proposes an idea and they all decide to meet atleast once every year for the rest of their lives. However, with time all of them get entangled in their own world until Ajay lands in India from US one fine day. He convinces all his friends for a reunion / 7 Day vacation to relive their college days. What happened in these seven days? Along with time, did they change too? What happens when some unresolved issues once again surface? That forms the rest of the story.

What is Good: ‘Inkosaari’, to begin with, is a film with so much sugar that you might contract diabetes. It’s hard to find films these days where every single character is good at heart and will do anything to make others feel good. ‘Inkosaari’ manages to achieve this feat. The film has a simple story which is laced with some crackling humour. Of the cast, ‘Vennala’ Kishore walks away with the top honours with his wonderful comic timing. His role as Bala Bokkala is hilarious to a great extent. Manjari and Richa both look ravishing onscreen and they deliver credible performances. Bharat’s role as a Yoga freak is brilliantly written and he doesn’t disappoint. Raja, Ravi Verma and Sandip are alright.

What is bad: The story and the screenplay of the film are such that it’s hard to either empathize or sympathize with the characters. It’s also one of the most predictable films made in the recent times. So predictable is the film that leave alone a scene, you can actually predict some of the dialogues. Moreover, the characterization of almost everyone is just too shallow and this lack of depth makes each one of them even more predictable. After a promising start, the film slips into a serious mode in the second half. It would have been a lot nicer if the conflict resolution had more conviction. Everything is resolved in a matter of two minutes or two dialogues. If only real life was this simple!

Technical Departments: The story written by Raj, DK is alright although it’s too predictable. Most of the film has been shot in Vizag near the seashore and cinematographer, Ranganath Babu does a good job. Mahesh Shankar’s music is decent and the classical touch he rendered for few scenes featuring Richa and Rao Ramesh is awesome. Nagaraju Gandham’s dialogues are alright and he hits a crescendo when it comes to comic lines. Krishna Reddy’s editing is good. Suman Pathuri, who made his debut as a director, does a decent job in narrating a simple story without any excessive drama. He pulls it off pretty well when the story has comic overtones; however, it’s a different story altogether when it comes to sentiment.

Bottomline: ‘Inkosaari’ is not a bad film at all. It’s one of those ‘feel-good’ films which try to be mushy at times. It’s a decent debut for Suman Pathuri as a director. Don’t forget, he’s 23 years old and that’s a rarity! The film works when it doesn’t take itself seriously. However, the humour itself gets repetitive and sometimes irritating because it tries so hard to make you laugh. The film goes terribly haywire when it gets into a serious mode and some of those issues are resolved in a flimsy manner. In the end, a strong overdose of cheesy and at times pointless holidaying spoils the fun that we were promised. Maybe too much of goodness with cheesiness is injurious to health, sometimes.

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123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5 /5

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