Kandireega : Laugh Riot all the way
Release date: 12 August 2011.
123Telugu.com Rating : 3.75/5
Director : Santhosh Srinivas
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Music Director : Thaman S
Starring : Ram, Hansika, Aksha others others...
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Ram is back with a comedy entertainer, Kandireega, and he has Hansika for company. The movie has been directed by Santosh Srinivas on Sri Saiganesh Films banner. Let us see how the movie fares at the box office

Kandireega   What’s it about : Srinu(Ram) is a happy-go-lucky youth from Anakapalli. He stays with his parents (played by Chandramohan and Pragathi) and torments the villagers with his pranks.As his cousins and neighbors make fun of him for not completing his degree, he decides to go to Hyderabad and enrolls in a college to achieve it. Sruthi (Hansika) is a student in that college and Srinu falls for her instantly.

But Sruthi is the love interest of Bhavani(Sonu Sood), a notorious Hyderabad goon. Bhavani terrorizes the college and warns the students against interfering with Sruthi. Sruthi feels depressed and waits for someone to save her from this misery. Into this scene enters Srinu and soon a confrontation follows between Srinu and Bhavani. Sruthi soon falls in love with Srinu and Bhavani is pushed onto the back foot.

In a twist, Rajanna (Jayaprakash Reddy) abducts Sruthi and Srinu is forced to follow her to Warangal. Rajanna’s daughter Sandhya (Aksha) is smitten by Ram and Rajanna wants Srinu to marry her. Bhavani comes to know about this and requests Rajanna to hand Sruthi back. Srinu cleverly diverts the attention of Sandhya onto Bhavani and all hell breaks loose.

The rest of the story is all about how Srinu solves the issues with a clever scheme.

What is Good : Kandireega is a movie that will make your stomach hurt from laughing out too much. Though the story is not new, the way it is handled and the tight screenplay do wonders for the film.

Ram comes up with another good performance as a scheming lover boy. He looks good and his dances are excellent as always. His comedy timing has improved tremendously and there is considerable ease and confidence in his performance.

Hansika looks good and does her bit as required. She shares good screen chemistry with Ram. But Aksha steals the show in the second half with her Warangal dialect and she turns in a lively performance.

Sonu Sood is just brilliant as the stammering Don Bhavani. His histrionics and comedy timing are of a top order and he is a major asset to the movie. He leaves the audience rolling with laughter with his brand of ‘serious comedy’.

Brahmanandam makes a cameo appearance in the first half and his ‘confrontation’ with Sonu Sood is pretty good. Raghu Babu enters the movie in the second half as ‘Intelligence Officer Avatar” and makes his mark.

Jayaprakash Reddy, Chandra Mohan, M.S. Narayana, Srinivas Reddy and Fish Venkat do a good job and support the movie well.

Songs are choreographed and picturized very well. Champakamala stands out for its excellent locales.

What is bad: The story is a very routine one and in the second half,one feels a strong resemblance to the movie “Ready”. But this does not really hurt the movie in any way. The climax scene where Sonu Sood is convinced so easily into marrying Aksha is a bit unrealistic.

The first half has a tad too many fights. Brahmaji is wasted and though the one or two scenes in which he is present are good, they do not do justice to his potential.

Technical Departments : Santosh Srinivas deserves a special mention for his tight screenplay and direction. There is not one boring moment in the film and the comedy is very tasteful. He has considerable talent at ably handling the capabilities of his actors.

Thaman’s background music is good and the song Champakamala will be with you for a long time after you leave the cinema. Dialogues are very good and are a major asset to the movie. Editing is flawless.

Fights and dances are well composed and give the movie a stylish feel. Cinematography is very good and the movie is presented in a bright and cheerful way.

Analysis: Kandireega is a movie which will make you smile as you walk out of the theater. There is some fantastic comedy in the movie and though the story is a bit old and familiar,the comedy quotient makes up for it. Kandireega will do fantastic business across A, B and C centers as the movie has something for everyone. Take your family along and give them a good time this weekend.

Mahesh k   

123Telugu.com Rating : 3.75/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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