Kuberulu decent fare for B & C centers
Release date: 04 December 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 2/5
Director : Srinivas Reddy
Music Director : Jeewan Thomas
Producers : Karutoori Srinivas ,Yaganti Srinivas
Starring : Shivaji, Farzana, Kausha Rach, Krishna Bhaghvan , Aali,...
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There are a few films where you walk in without any expectations and walkout without any disappointment. Kuberulu is like that. The film stars Sivaji, Ali and Krishna Bhagwan, so expect a few laughs. The director proclaimed that the film's highlight would be Jyothi Lakshmi's item song and he was true, the stalls came alive when the song began.

What is it about: The film is about Yarlagadda Siva Prasad (Sivaji) who calls himself Jr. YSR, but loses the panchayat president election in his village. His close friends, a CBN imitator (played by Ali) and Rambabu (Krishna Bhagwan) and him are all neck deep in debts in the village. The friends go to the city to earn money and clear off all his debts. In the city, he comes across Dr. Kalpana (Farzana) who he proceeds to fall in love with. The friends come to know about jewels worth Rs. 500 crore which are hidden somewhere in their area and are looking for them. A Don (Sivaprasad) is also looking for those jewels and who finds the jewels and how our heroes become true heroes forms the plot.

What is special : The film has some good spoofs on films like Don, Annavaram, Rakhi etc. Sivaji, Ali Krishna Bhagwan and other comedians sleepwalk through the film. Kausha looks hot and the item song is also pretty good for the masses.

What is not: More than half of the first 30 minutes of the film is beeped out and that shows what kind of humor the film must have had. Also, the heroine Farzana looks bloated up and one wishes Kausha was given a longer role.

Me Thinks : No Blade Babji this. The film is clearly meant for the B and C class centers and it does reach its target audience. Go, if you are the type that only slightest provocation to laugh and are braindead sometime.

Tailpiece : Some part of me was searching for some logic when the film began, but within the first half hour, what to expect from the flick was loud and clear.

- Chantabbai  
123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
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