Release date: 10 December 2010
123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5
Director : Ravi Babu
Music Director : Sekhar Chandra
Producer : Prakash Babu
Starring : Vikram, Divya, Ravi Babu and others

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Ravi Babu, of late, has churned out thrillers, His latest – Manasara, is different from these. It is a love story. With this film the director shows that he can make romantic films as well.

What’s it about: Manasara is a refreshing and engaging love story about a Telugu boy and a Kerala kutti. Vikram (new find Vikram) comes to Rajapalayam in Kerala along with his parents and sister as his father gets transferred there. Rajapalayam is a typical place cut off deliberately from the modern world and the world of the natives there is centred on Kalari, the martial art. Soon after landing there, Vikram comes across a lovely Kerala girl (newcomer Sri Divya) and falls in love with her. However, all odds are against Divya. Her step mother’s brother Rajan (new comer George Vincent) casts his eyes on her but she dislikes him as he is very cruel. However, her father and her step mother support Rajan. Enters Vikram, and he takes an instant liking for her. He is clever and takes Rajan’s henchmen for a ride; however, he is gutless. Therefore, when Rajan confronts him, he meekly withdraws much to the dismay and anger of Divya. However, he changes heart, confronts Rajan and agrees for a Kalari encounter as per village elders’ verdict. The elders decide that the winner of the Kalari will also win the hand of Divya. Whether Vikram learns enough of Kalari in the limited time given to him to defeat Rajan, whether the elders change their mind for the better, forms the rest of the story. Kalaripayattu, a martial art of Kerala, is central to the story.

What is Good: The story sustains interest and keeps one guessing about the turn of events. All the actors did a wonderful job. Vikram, Sri Divya, George Vincent as villain Kalari champ need special mention. Bhanuchander gives a neat performance and shows off his skills in martial arts. The things he does to cheer up Sri Divya and these little things are shown beautifully and creatively. Director’s choice is apt. The comedy track is very good, right from the introduction of the hero to quarrels between his parents. The song “paravaledu” reminds “Cheppave Chirugaali” tune.

What is bad: Initially, one wonders why Divya’s father is so harsh towards her and why her grandfather is always in tears. These doubts are later cleared. However, it looks odd as to why the blind children are made to take lessons sitting in a room in the midst of woods. Also, Vikram submitting so timidly to the dictates of Rajan and oblige to lick his chappals is not in good taste . Apart from the two families no other families or surroundings are shown except the village heads and the panchayat grounds. The final bout takes place in a boxing ring and the environs and people look very much urban.

Technical Departments: Technically, different departments did full justice to their job like, music, Cinematography, lyrics, costumes. Direction is also nice.

Tail-piece: Quiet and shy youngsters may take to Kalari to get the courage to win love.


123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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