Mark : Aimless Mark
Release date: 05 August 2011.
123Telugu.com Rating : 1/5
Director : Vijayan
Producer : Natti Kumar
Music Director :
Starring : Srihari, Sabarish, Pinky others...
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Mark is a film starring Sabareesh, the son of fight master Vijay, and Real Star Srihari. The movie marks the debut of Sabareesh as a hero and Vijay as director. Let us see how the movie fares.

Mark  What’s it about : The first point to be made is that there is no real story here. It is one big Kaleidoscope of scenes and sequences. But since it is my job to pick up the story, I will narrate it as best as I can. Vittal(Srihari) is a small time village goon who has a habit of picking up orphaned and abandoned kids and nurturing them. Over time, hardened by circumstances and people, they turn into gangsters and local dadas. Mark (Sabareesh) is one of those orphans and he quickly develops into Vittal’s right hand man.

In a series of incidents, Mark falls in love with a girl Divya (Pinky).In the age old method, the heroine ‘influences’ Mark and tries to make him a better man. This leads to clashes between Vittal and Mark and before we can digest this, a bizzare twist happens which directly pits the hero and the Boss Vittal against each other.

What is Good : I cant find one single good point here but if I really have to pick something, I would pick Pinky who looks Ok as long as she doesnt open her mouth.

What is bad: Everything about the movie right from the first frame to the last reeks of amateurishness and a lack of clarity. It is apparent that there was no proper script. I expected atleast the fights to be decent given fight master Vijay’s impressive resume but even the action sequences are terrible. They would have been out of place even in a film from the 1990's.

Performances wise, the less said the better. Watching Srihari onscreen makes you wince. It is apparent that the actor is clearly uncomfortable and I will safely bet that Srihari knew about the fate of the film while shooting for it.

Sabareesh is not fit to be a hero. He has neither the good looks nor the raw charm of an action hero. He is an unrefined and unfinished product.

Technical Departments : Cinematography is a joke and it looks as if the guy in charge of the camera was fully drunk in order to escape the nonsense that the camera was capturing.Infact, film school students can watch this film as a class project to see what mistakes to avoid while making a film.

Analysis: The movie is an insult to the intelligence of the audience and I will be shocked if this movie lasts for more than a few days in the state.

Mahesh k   

123Telugu.com Rating : 1/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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