Maryada Ramanna : Rajamouli Re-Invents Rayalaseema Successfully!!!
Release date: 23rd July 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 3.5/5
Director : S.S.Rajamouli
Music Director : M.M. Keeravani
Producer : Shobhu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni
Starring : Sunil, Saloni Aswani, Brahmanandam, Nagineedu, Brahmaji, Kishore, Keerthana, Dhanaraj and others...
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Post the mega-success of Maghadheera, the audience expectations from a Rajamouli movie would have been soaring sky-high and thankfully he doesn’t disappoint us at all with this small-budget entertainer starring the popular telugu comedian, Sunil, as Ramanna. He takes a different route and shows us the humane side of Rayalaseema which has always been portrayed negatively as a faction ridden area populated by blood-thirsty savages. Rajamouli continues with his winning streak with this one and keeps his “no-flop” record intact!

What’s It About: Ramanna (Sunil) is a penniless orphan in Hyderabad who dreams of earning two lakhs so as to buy an auto-trolley that will help him earn a living. Soon, he finds out that he has inherited some land in his native rayalaseema and so he sets out to sell it. Unknown to him, Ramineedu (Nagineedu) and his sons are waiting for the inheritor of this land for the last 22 years so that they can avenge the death of their brother who was killed by Ramanna’s father. A series of coincidences, that includes meeting Ramineedu’s daughter Aparna (Sonali) in the train, ensure that Ramanna is invited as a guest into the Ram Reddy mansion. Ramineedu, despite his avenging nature, believes in the Athidhi Maryada concept and vows not to kill Ramanna until Ramanna steps out of the house again. So we have a situation where Sunil knows that leaving the house will get him killed and so he keeps coming up with different ideas to stay inside. How Ramanna handles this tricky situation over the next 48 hours while Aparna gets attracted to him is what the rest of the movie is all about.

What is Good: The star of the movie is Sunil and he effortlessly carries the entire movie on his shoulders. He lives the character of Ramanna and makes you whole-heartedly empathize with him in his attempts to save his neck while trying to keep his smile intact. His character doesn’t go over¬board in the comic scenes though that is what is expected of him. Saloni makes a wonderful re-entry and lights up the screen with her presence while Nagineedu plays his part well by looking menacing enough. Brahmaji & Suprit perform well as Aparna’s relatives. Music by Keeravani is melodious with the “Ammayi Khitki” song being the highlight thanks to being innovatively picturised in a train. The cinematography, background score and the visual effects pack a punch.

What is bad: Nothing much really except for the last 20 minutes that have Sunil on the run from the Ramineedu family resulting in some sentimental scenes between all involved. The “Raye Raye” song seems forced into the second half so that Sunil can show off some cool dance moves. Overall, there is nothing much to write in this section.

Me Thinks: Maryada Ramanna is a well-made entertainer that can definitely be watched! It’s a wonderful surprise to be kept entertained throughout without having to see blood & gore set amidst bombs and sickles.

Tailpiece: Most of the dialogues between the Rayalaseema characters are spoken in the local dialect that add to the flavor without making it look put-on!!!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 3.5/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
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                1 - Stay Away
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