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Updated at 12:42 AM

After lots and lots of tears and emotional drama, the movie comes to an end. Review will come up soon folks.

Updated at 12:35 AM

Movie is going ahead with some twists and turns in the family drama..its now a tug of war between families

Updated at 12:17 AM

"Kavali Kavali" song now. This is an extremely hot song with some seriously hot skin show from Tapsee. Song is shot with a very sensuous look and feel

Updated at 12:12 AM

Twist in the turns serious with sentiment and drama..

Updated at 12:00 AM

Its the turn of Shraddha Das now to turn up the heat in beach wear. Krishna Vamsi sure knows how to showcase a heroine. "Nuvvante Naku Ishtam" song now. Gopichand looks equally macho with a muscular physique.

Updated at 11:42 AM

First fight of the movie. Very stylishly shot. Gopichand is outstanding here.

Updated at 11:33 AM

"Aakalakalakalayene" song now..Tapsee is in full glamour show mode...

Updated at 11:25 AM

Ahuti Prasad makes a super humorous entry and livens up proceedings...

Updated at 11:16 AM

Slapping festival begins as everything falls apart in a sudden twist..Interval..first half is filled with some family comedy.romance and leads upto an interval twist. Let us see how the second half proceeds

Updated at 11:10 AM

Tapsee turns up the heat with her skin show .. Marriage preparations in full swing for Gopichand and Tapsee's marriage. Lovely Accha Telugu Pelli

Updated at 11:00 AM

"Ettanti mogudu" is the third song of the movie

Updated at 10:52 AM

Romantic track between Tapsee and Gopichand..into this scenario enters Roja, as Tapsee's mom. She is a powerful political leader

Updated at 10:28 AM

Second song of the movie "eppudu nee roopamlo". Lovely romantic melody that is nicely shot.

Updated at 10:23 AM

Tapsee makes a very soft and traditional entry in Kuchipudi dress. She looks good in white.

Updated at 10:20 AM

Movie proceeds along with nice family comedy as Gopichand tries to get find a suitable bride..Shradda Das makes a hot entry as Jo, an aspiring model

Updated at 10:08 AM

Gopichand makes a dashing entry with the opening song "Boys boys bachelor boys" song. He looks macho

Updated at 10:05 AM

Rajendra Prasad makes his entry as a philanthropist Anjaneya Prasad. He is a wealthy farmer. Movie begins with Gopichand's voice over,as he introduces his family

Updated at 10:00 AM

The movie has begun with nice trademark Krishna Vamsi style titles and soothing music. Opening shot set in a Telugu Pelli Pandiri

Updated at 9:55 AM

Hello folks..We will be bringing you live updates from Krishnavamsi's Mogudu, starring Gopichand and Tapsee..Watch this space for exclusive updates

Mahesh K.S
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