22 April 2011 , Hyderabad.

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Updated at 11:30 AM

The film comes to an end…. It has some valid points to make about life… but slow narration works against the film.

Updated at 11:15 AM

Movie heading to the climax…. Loads of heavy dialogues…. Prabhas is good towards the end

Updated at 11:10 AM

The marriage song is okay… story is good so far… but the narration is very slow

Updated at 10:55 AM

Lite theesko song is okay.

Updated at 10:45 AM

An interesting twist in the tale…. Kajal is back into the frame

Updated at 10:26 AM

Akasam bhaddhalaina song … nice music, well shot… the lyrics are a little incomprehensible.

Updated at 10:22 AM

Taapsee makes a good entry she has dubbed on her own…thankfully she gets the diction right

Updated at 10:12 AM

Second half started.

Updated at 10:07 AM

First half comes to an end… so far so good… lets see how the next half is.

Updated at 10:00 AM

Dhol Dhol song is okey

Updated at 09:55 AM

Movie is progressing at a slow pace….. takes too much time establishing the relationship between the leads

Updated at 09:40 AM

Chilipiga song is beautifully composed…. Great visuals and lyrics… both Prabhas and Kajal are good in the song

Updated at 09:22 AM

Brahmi plays jalsa kishore…. he makes a hilarious entry.

Updated at 09:12 AM

Kajal looks gorgeous…. She plays a doctor… Kajal and Prabhas make a good onscreen couple

Updated at 09:05 AM

Rao gaari abbayi song is well shot and a good song on the whole.

Updated at 09:00 AM

Prabhas enters with an innovative fight! He looks dazzling with his new styling

Updated at 08:50 AM

Film starts explaining the basic theme of the film

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