22 April 2011 , Hyderabad.

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Updated at 11:22 AM

And so the movie ends on a happy note. Watch out for our review.

Updated at 11:20 AM

Movie reaches its climax with anticipated drama.

Updated at 11:10 AM

Yet another song in the background. This one is serious, and the montage scenes seem to Work.

Updated at 10:55 AM

Another group song ups the ante of the movie.

Updated at 10:42 AM

A nice twist in the tale makes the otherwise anticipated 2nd half a touch more interesting.

Updated at 10:35 AM

The scenes between Prakash Raj and Prabhas make the 2nd half interesting.

Updated at 10:25 AM

A song on Prabhas and Taapsee now. The couple looks chic and so does the song

Updated at 10:15 AM

2nd half takes us back to Australia. Taapsee makes a bold entry on a bike.

Updated at 10:05 AM

The lead scene to the interval is very neatly done and thatís the end of 1st half. So far so good.

Updated at 09:55 AM

After a neatly done fight scene we have a marriage song. Looks quite colorful and sounds energetic.

Updated at 09:38 AM

Very interestingly even a romantic song plays in the background. Neatly shot. Chemistry between Prabhas and Kajal has been amazing so far.

Updated at 09:26 AM

Another song (in the background ) takes the fun element forward. It has quite interesting montage scenes.

Updated at 09:20 AM

Movie gets interesting with enjoyable scenes between Kajal and Prabhas. And then enters Brahmanandam. Loud cheers all around.

Updated at 09:10 AM

Kajal makes a dreamy entrance and then we have a very short song.

Updated at 09:05 AM

In no time we have the 1st song. Shot in Australia in good looking locations.

Updated at 09:00 AM

Enter Prabhas with a fight scene in a swimming pool.

Updated at 08:50 AM

Movie starts now in a village backdrop, setting the tone of the film.

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